Christmas GREAT!!!

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did.
Ahh . . . turkey for lunch gingerbread houses to look at and glowing lights of the christmas tree. Apart from that are the wonderful gifts! I was given many great things! I got something that I wanted! And not from ‘Santa’! from Nan! Along with that I got a new XBOX game and a camera so Ill be posting pictures probably and other funny things again i did get a comic maker on the Computer for Christmas as Well so heres my very first Program Comic.

Zombie NO-BRAIN Comic page-1 of 1

New Game Site

This New Site contains made games by other people and normal games even a version of Zelda where you go through giving items and eventully the Mcdonalds in the game needs meat the only place you see in getting meat is a dead corpse in the cemetry apart from its disgusting humor its actully quite funny in ways, also play a game called a bloody day where you shoot white figures making them bleed along with Star Craft and loads more.

Heres the Link to the site
(please note some of the games and objects on the site may be unsuitable for viewers under the age of 10 not unless parental guidance is recommended)

New Game

Me and My Friend have recently discovered a New RPG called “fallen sword” apart being a bit slow it has great pictures you can even upload an image of what you look like!
Here are some Pictures:
This is a Native
This Is a Goblin

Now this isn’t the best game in the universe but still soothes your afternoon boredom. (Yeah right . . . cough!)

at the start its hard to log in and etc. also e-mail is needed. Good luck!