MISSION: Idle Of Fire

The Idle Of Fire, Researched By Millions Of Ben-a-ball Operatives all around the world,
Its Found Power And. . .The Power Was Outstanding, Just as we were about to lock it up in Safe441 a glowing green beam shot through the roof grabbing the Idle Of Fire And one of the Ben-a-ball researchers along with it the last words we got from the researcher was “Its Glowing. . . and AHHHH!!!!”
We Scanned the where-abouts of the Ben a Ball Researcher and found that he was in mid air. . .
that’s when we found the great big ship floating over a forest the ship landed crushing trees and bushes suddenly the hot sky started to. . . . drop snow flakes it was snowing on a 29 Degree Hot Day we heard thunder and the sky grew a grey and pale and it started to hail not ordinary hail this hail. . . Was the size of soccer balls, they fell and dug into the Earth and cracked concrete.
How Is This Possible a boiling day turns into a freezing night mare suddenly we heard more. . but this was bad. . . a strong gust of wind flinging twigs and dust all around and a Tornado started to form, Our discussion made us do what we should do at a time like this we ran to the forest as soon as we entered the forest it. . .was warm and all the trees had no snow and when you looked up. . . blue sky no grey pale clouds covering the sky and. . . no ice soccer balls any where in the forest i walked over to the entrance of the forest and walked out it was windy and cold and snow covered the ground along with tornadoes and ice balls dug into the snowy ground i turned around and walked back into the forest. All was normal Hot, blue sky, no snow or ice and no tornadoes. How can this be. . . we then remembered the ship landing in the forest. . that’s why we’re coming we’re going to stop. . .Whoever it was. . . .
We stepped closer to the massive ship and. . . its up like 100 metres in the sky
“Oh Great, But it wouldn’t be as bad if i had my grapple,” Says Nathan “Um,” Zack Says Pointing to the Grapple on Nathans belt “Oh, So thats where i stuck it,” Nathan grabs it off his belt and fires at the floating Ship. It Hooks onto somthing on top of the ship. . .But what we can see.
Nathan yanks on it to see if its strong enough to climb suddenly a whole shower of glass shards fell all around us, “Great Going Nath,” I Say “We could beat them by making them bankrupt, “
Says Zack “Smash More windows and mabye we’ll get some where” he has a “Duh, Im being sarcastic” look on his face so we ignore it “How about we activate our Boot’s jump prethanicafiyer” I Say “Then we can use the grapple to help pull us to the window i smashed,”
Says Nathan “and then we can use jet packs to blast our self into the ship,”
Says Zack “Lets Go” We Activate our Boots jump prethanicafiyer (its a long word for extendifyier) We take place and Jump! we speed towards the ship Nathan Activates his grapple and jet packs towards the window opening Zack and I do the same we fly in exept we both fling into the ship. Nathan zooms into the open window that he smashed and safly landed.
Zack gets out his Swords and starts jabbing them into the ship and climbing towards the window as if he was ice climbing I got out my S.S. (type of strong knife) and stabed it into the ship i peeled the part of metal down and curved it then i climbed it to get to the window where Zack And Nathan were waiting.
I climbed into the window the second i steped in the ship through the window the glass restored and cut the end of my shoe lace off.
“Lucky it wasn’t you,” says Zack “Are We Like, how should i put it, Stuck,” Says Nathan
“I Hope Not,” I Say looking at the repaired window.
“Isn’t there a door in here?” says Zack “Um, No,” says Nathan taking a good look around
“Lets make on then,” I say, we all grab out our S-B Knives and start cutting a door out of the wall the metal shards fly every where.
“That Was Easy,” I Say As We Walk Through The Open Cut.
We Walk Into This HallWay With A Large Door. . . And It’s Glowing. . .
We Walk Inside And Find This Golden Cup With A Devil Inscription on it and it seemed to have a bright glow to its golden outside cover. . .There was a bright Beam Shooting out of the top.
And it was going out through the hole in the roof into the sky.
And That’s why the weather must be changing. . .

To Be Continued. . .

Message For My Norwood Members

Hello Norwood Members,

I still would like to keep in touch with my members and have a chat.

I know that I have moved location but I still
have friends that can keep in touch with.
(Yes I do have friends, lol)

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(P.S. If posting a replie please note this is an online site

so keep messages posted on my site free of personal information)

Another Way That You Can Keep In Touch Is The ChatBox.
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Another Urgent Message From Ben-a-ball

I need to strongly advise you do not go looking through the other Blogs on Blogger.Com Since This Blog Benaball.blogspot.com was created for the Primary School Club Ben-a-ball.
even if you gave a parental guardian I do not advise t.
There are rather bad images on some of the blogs and I don’t advise that any of my club members or staff or even visitors should go browsing the other Blogs.

Be cautious on what blogs you visit. If you are over the age of 15 or have web filtering software than by all means proceed.


Story Of Benaball

It’s the year 1411 all is quiet out in the dessert of Gratonia and the boiling heat is making the sandy rock look like chocolate ice cream as one of the people of the planet said. The reason the hotness is, that the planets was heating up more than ever causing the living creature’s on it to see mirages, the planets rock crust was cracking and waring out but one person did not like this so he grabbed his still developing green children still in there blob form and pulled them away into his hot metal house and started watering them with the last of the drinking water he had. He went to his garage and started to tamper with his HO-VEr24 in other words a hover car after he had finished he stuck the kids into the Hover car and turned in its auto pilot. he set the destination to go to the planet Gafferos of the Solar System 107 he pressed take off and a tear on his face ran onto the floor as the hover vehicle itself away with a mighty blast. The man with a feel of confidence started changing the RVHoverpad and was getting ready to set off.
Meanwhile the little child blobs inside the hover car were heading to the planet Gafferos but the Auto pilot had a faulty wire that fell out and the auto pilot turned off leaving the children left and stuck in space. Back at the Planet Gratonia the man had made his vehicle and hoped in with his wife and a few items they took off and started to head off towards Gafferos. The kids started to get upset and started to cry with this something odd happened the kids obtained some weird thing that made them contain. . .powers then the hover car got pushed with a massive blow of rocks pushing it out of place sending it on a destination for the planet Earth. . . .
Hope Its Made You Interested To Be Continued. . . .