BGTN S02 Episode 1


I’d like to Welcome you all to a brand new series, of BGTN.

On Today’s Show
I pick on BLOCKED, Surprise surprise guess who this is, We have a Ben Cam and a Bens Rage.


Top Story

Now I’m picking on BLOCKED.

This story has been blocked

Next Story

This story has been blocked because of it breaks privacy of others.

Ben’s Rage
You know what I really hate? I hate it when you go to the toilet and you squeezing to get a poo out, your there for ages and ages then finally you get it out, you stand up and look down at all your hard effort . . . and it is the poo the size of a marble.

Ben Cam

Sorry, I may be able to stick the Ben Cams on my website. We’ll see.

Next time on BGTN
We have a Ben Cam,
A Think About It,
And finally I explain the BGTN Competition!

That’s all for today’s show!
The next BGTN will be a new series . . .

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