The Responsibilities…

Hello my friends!

The school year is well under way, and this site has once again fallen silent. I am seeing a pattern. We go silent, someone writes a post and then we have one or two more before hibernation grips the site in its evil claws once more…

Alright, I will give Ben a break. He has been under a HEAP of stress lately to get his videos going, prepare for fortnightly assemblies and to get ready for his exams. What a lovely start, do you see where this is going?

Yes guys, if you have guessed, the majority of us have had quite a lot of responsibilities to attend to that this site has just become the least prioritized in our everyday program. I have had articles to write, multiple meetings to attend, 20 000 lots of homewor- well, maybe not but it feels like it.

It has become very apparent that Grade 10 is the most stressful year that anyone has encountered before. That is what I see it as. And all you guys/girls that bludge on a computer 24/7, play games in every single class that you attend and don’t give a rats about your education – go and do something productive for a change, because those of us who actually try to do something with our lives have to put up with your crap everyday.

Sorry… got a bit distracted there…

Anyway, the point of this post is not to bag out the hunchbacks of modern society, but to identify just how much responsibility everyone gives the hard-working “young adults” nowadays.

Recently, I had a mini anxiety-like attack from all the stress in my life at the moment. Among numerous other things, I get given homework nearly everyday, I work 2-4 nights a week and I always have to allow time for my article that has to be submitted every Tuesday before the school newsletter is published on a Thursday once a month. The list goes on.

And now, I have injured my left foot playing four-square (of all things!), which has rendered me incapable of doing what I enjoy most of all… a 1 hour session of Karate training every Saturday morning. My training lets me force out all of the stress that builds up inside me throughout the week, and everyone there is willing to help each other learn the etiquette and all kiai in unison… For all you that are Karate-intolerant, a kiai is essentially a yell, but you summon it from your diaphragm and expel the air an- as if you wanted to know, ahaa.

I really feel sorry for the adults of our society now. They work their butts of to support us, and a lot of us just don’t realise how much stress they get put under. Now, the “young adults” of today are entering the workforce and earning a living, and throwing themselves into a really deep pool of stress, anxiety etc. Like me… like Ben… and like all the other people who try to well.

Tyler, can you please do an article tonight for the newsletter?”

“Ben, we need the assembly prepared ASAP! Also, we need a video for the assembly too!”

“Alright you blokes, this Dreamweaver work needs to be completed next week!”


I honestly don’t know how much more I can handle. Night after night, I stress and I panic that I will fail Grade 10… Man, I really need a life!

Let me know if you are in a similar problem. Also, Ben I apologise if you did not want to be mentioned in this post. I was simply using you as an example! =)

Until next time guys, unless I end up overrun with a continuously growing mountain of responsibility,

This is Fester, signing off.