Christmas GREAT!!!

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did.
Ahh . . . turkey for lunch gingerbread houses to look at and glowing lights of the christmas tree. Apart from that are the wonderful gifts! I was given many great things! I got something that I wanted! And not from ‘Santa’! from Nan! Along with that I got a new XBOX game and a camera so Ill be posting pictures probably and other funny things again i did get a comic maker on the Computer for Christmas as Well so heres my very first Program Comic.

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An Exclusive Mission Update

Mission: T.I.M. Tunstern Indestructable Machine:

19/11/06 12:00

I panted as we ran away from a massive metal object that seemed more interested in ripping us to pieces than sayng hi.
As we ran i kindley asked Zack if he could do somthing “CAN YOU TRY SOMTHING!!!” As we swurve past the corner of a school building and we run down the walkway (its called walkway for a reason)
“Escuse ME!!!” yells a teacher at the top of her voice and calls us over “you shouldn’t run in the walkway” she says we nodd and get the urge to run “um…” i say. Just when she was about give us a blue card (a really bad card) she gets flogged off her feet and onto the roof and has a long sleep (she’s not dead just knocked out) we continue running “how long will this last” says Zack “dont know i replie” suddenly we join back up with Nath,Ben(other ben) and Caleb they have heaps of T.I.M.’s attacking them Nathan blasting Ben and Caleb Electricuting but these T.I.M.’s were different these ones were about the height of your dinning room table and the other was about the size of a two storie House we start fighting Caleb comes up with the idea of running rope aroung their legs (best thing he’s thorght of all year) so it ends up with big clanking big banging and explosions till finaly there he stands the massive T.I.M. “DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY” it chants i wink at Zack and Nath. Ben and Caleb Got it as well “Ben-A-Ball Team CHARGE!!!!!!” we charge full Thrust charging then suddenly T.I.M. grabs me and WAMs Me into the ground and i go about 5 metres under ground he pulls me up and is about to wam me down one more time i Yell to Nathan “Hand me a Plasma Chain saw!”
he looks at me then grabs one out of a B-Ball and hands it to me “you May Be inderstructable to human resorces BUT NOT ALIEN! I jam the chain saw into the T.I.M. and big flashes of light come from inside it then “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!” shards of metal fly every where and finaly i apear from the rubble Zack stars dancing on the Rubble and Nathan says “you always get the good bit” then we start to celebrate suddenly a glowing arrow flys into my chest knocking me over Zack looks and sees a dark figure with a Bow he leaps from his hidding and runs off into the distance Zack runs after him just as i get up. . . . .


Hey everyone, I’d like to welcome you to the new generation of Ben-a-Ball, just as the story goes this generation or “series” (or “version” I suppose), will include new enemies, new gadgets new allies and new members. It’s going to have heaps more next year. So I’d better get cracking!

From Ben-A-Ball,



New generation of Ben a Ball with new enemies new gadgets new allies and. . .
New Members and loads more next year. .

From Benaball,