Brilliant Software – Quick Media Converter

This is a brilliant software that I have tried and I admire.
It allows you to convert any media file (Almost any) into: a mov, avi, wmv, mp3, mp4, flv, xbox format, PS3 format, PSP format, Nintendo Wii format and more!

You can convert a music video, for example, into an MP3 format to listen to on your Mp3 player.
I have found that this media converter is better than those that you have to pay for. There is no trials or locked features either. Completely free and completely fantastic!

Have closer look at there software
At this website you can download it.

If you prefer to download it from this website then click the link below.

Download Details:
Compatible with: Windows
Size: 23.982 KB- 23 MB
File Type: .Zip
Publisher: Cocoon Software


This software is by Cocoon Software, They would really appreciate it if you would visit there website sometime.


Ben A Ball Cyber Blue Cursors

. . .

~Ben A Ball Cursors~
Here are some snazzy Ben A Ball Cyber Blue cursors for your computer. With a blue selection, and awesome looking loading boxes. I will let everyone know that these are free cursors and they are prototype, meaning I’ve given them a go and fixed the errors I found with them but there may be a few others I have to iron out.
Download Details:

Compatible with: Windows

Size: 18KB

Type: .ZIP Compressed file

License: Freeware


These cursors were made using RealWorld Cursor maker.