NeWs! Episode 1

NeWs! Episode 1 was hosted in assembly on the 24th of March 2011, so far many teachers and students have commented on the show, talking about how cool it was.
Thankyou very much! The compliments just make us more determined to keep on going, bringing you entertainment each fortnight.

In Episode 1 of NeWs! We had the following:

  • Earth Hour 60+ Message
  • Student Interviews, with the questions:  “What kind mustard do you like on your chocolate sundae?” , “Do you scrunch or fold?” , “Pixies or Faries?” and “Did you know that Earth Hour is this Saturday?”
  • the Canteen line – Episode 1
  • Real News, including: “Rebbecca Black YouTube Fame” , “Breastmilk Icecream” and “Australians in Japan All accounted for” – The news reel at the top and bottom during the show also had other headlines.
The requested content for this episode of NeWs! was:
-Earth Hour (At request of Society and History/English teacher)

This show was hosted by:
-Alex, Paul


Next Episode 7th April

NeWs! It’s New!

Welcome to the next Comedy News show in development, it’s originality can be expressed in it’s name, NeWs!

The cast are Samantha, Alex, Paul, Ben and Mikayla and the show will be airing throughout Term One, with the first pilot episode to rendezvous on the 24th of March, 2011.

At this point the only info I can give you is that each episode will be about 5 minutes long, and it will be held each Assembly, every fortnight.