Cheese Weekly

BGTN is being delayed! Yes Delayed!
Why you ask? Well!

Ben is currently working on a news show
called ‘Cheese Weekly’ that will be performed
live on the 3rd of December for the Grade 7’s

Basically it has the same characteristics as BGTN,
Fake Ads, Arguments. But this news show has an
actual team behind it, instead of 1 person . . .

Here’s the team!

Trey- Sports, Sketch
Hayden- Sports
Will- Weatherman, Sketch
Daniel- Finance, Reporter, Sketch
Nic- Reporter, Sketch
Hugh- Sketch,
Ben- Editing, Scripting, Host

(Okay I know what your thinking . . . ‘Gawd Ben is a control freak’)



The moment you’ve all not-really been waiting for,
I announce, to you, the not-greatest, not-amazingest thing in the whole entire history of not-so-good things!!!

So I can finally rip up the under construction sign and get on with explaining the updates!!!

Firstly you would have noticed that the Ben A Ball Blog now looks a whole lot better! I’ve spent ages fixing this up so I hope you enjoy it.

Secondly I hope you enjoy the brand new Ben A Ball Blogs, Ben A Ball Music and Ben A Ball Developer.

Ben A Ball Music is a music review blog that has music videos, lyrics, reviews and ratings for different songs. Hope you enjoy the work put into it.

Ben A Ball Developer is the blog for those wanting to create all sorts of different stuff. From making hidden compartments with tissue boxes to making your own games and software.

So I hope.

After all the effort.


Blog Under Redevelopment

Everyone!!! Listen!!!

Many of the Ben A Ball websites are unaccessable for the time being as they undergo a massive redevelopment. They are being done up with new themes and stuff and it may take some time before they come back online.

But never fear! There is stuff to prepare I’d better hurry off and get back to work!
When the update is done you all will be gunned.
(No don’t worry, soz, only thing that I could think of at the time that rhymed . . . If you have an idea feel free to comment and tell me)

When the update is released so will Ben A Ball Music and Ben A Ball Developer.




Id like to welcome you to Ben A Ball Music.
Here is where you can get reviews on different music, get lyrics, watch music videos etc.I’d like to thank the contributers that have offered(been forced) to help with the posts on this website. Thanks alot.Well enjoy Ben A Ball music, and I hope that you find another song that sticks in your head.



I’d like to welcome you to Ben A Ball Developer!!!
Ever wanted to make your own software, games, snazzy cardboard structures, iPhone apps, iMac applications???

This is the place to do it.
Ben A Ball developer gives those that wish a chance to actually make their own software and so forth.
With video tutorials it makes it easy for you to make your own software, inventions and more.

So please enjoy.




Coming Soon to Term 3

“Sorry folks, I can’t say that’s going to be the case, other stuff has come up.”

Michael Jackson, Fossils, Titanic, Ben’s Rage, More ADS, Quick Spot (A New Segment) and more!!!

Stay tuned for the day peeps!
The day it returns!