Problem Solved!!!

My Early encounter in not being able to post images has been fixed!
and I’ll start getting back to posting images and more.

It turned out that it was to do with Google Accounts and not swapping to the new version of Blogger,

Christmas GREAT!!!

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did.
Ahh . . . turkey for lunch gingerbread houses to look at and glowing lights of the christmas tree. Apart from that are the wonderful gifts! I was given many great things! I got something that I wanted! And not from ‘Santa’! from Nan! Along with that I got a new XBOX game and a camera so Ill be posting pictures probably and other funny things again i did get a comic maker on the Computer for Christmas as Well so heres my very first Program Comic.

Zombie NO-BRAIN Comic page-1 of 1


Hey everyone, I’d like to welcome you to the new generation of Ben-a-Ball, just as the story goes this generation or “series” (or “version” I suppose), will include new enemies, new gadgets new allies and new members. It’s going to have heaps more next year. So I’d better get cracking!

From Ben-A-Ball,



New generation of Ben a Ball with new enemies new gadgets new allies and. . .
New Members and loads more next year. .

From Benaball,