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Ben A Ball The Darkness Provails.

Spelling of PROVAILS is wrong, in proper English: Ben A Ball The Darkness Prevails.
The Ben A Ball titles,
For example the Idle Of Fire should be the Idol Of Fire.
The reason these titles and names are spelt incorrectly is because of the translation process.
When Idol Of Fire in Grattonian language is translated to English it comes out as ‘Idle Of Fire.’
And the same with The Darkness Prevails ends up being officially The Darkness Provails in English.
Ben A Ball The Darkness Provails is one of the so far 9 Ben A Ball eras.
A List of all the eras are listed below:
1. Ben A Ball Alien Income
2. Ben A Ball The Quest Of Hope
3. Ben A Ball The Death Of Latrotride
4. Ben A Ball The Plot Of Aqua
5. Ben A Ball Attack Of Plasma Gnome
6. Ben A Ball Nitro Charged
7. Ben A Ball The Idle Of Fire
8. Ben A Ball The Darkness Provails
9. Ben A Ball The Crushed Worlds
Informative Report Out.
Informative post: Ben A Ball The Darkness Provails