NOW! Bring it ON!!!!

For a bit of a game I’ve made it so you have to make up a word and what its meaning is.
Anything silly will be deleted the person with the best will get their name on their own post
please type a nickname or something or else i cannot do the post (it would be stupid with name anonymous) any ways

Good luck,

Examples: like Benology, the study of Bens. Discology, the study of Discos, be creative!


    xenopratanglenonics – Noun, the studdy of nose hairs, and whether they are the same colour as head hairs.

    Congratulations on the amount of new posts on your site ben-a-ball! SO MANY THINGS TO LOOK AT… WHICH FIRST?

    YES, i’ve done way more posts
    and Lyndon i’ve finished episode 7 of You know what as well you know BLack robe guy. . . yeah well i’ve not stated the names since its not Copyrighted and blah Blah Blah

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