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I’m Going To Start Including More Features. . .As You Would Know The Runescape Images Are Some Of The New Features.
Also Look On The Left Hand Side Of The Screen (Left Is < That Way) You Will Notice In The Main Index There Are Benaball Gossip Ash’s Spot And The 2 Others Here’s A Little List Of Whats In Each Section.
Benaball Gossip:
Page Of Gossip On Topics, Opinions On Benaball Or Other Realated Topics.
Ash’s Spot:
My Friends Section Of He Just Posts Whats On His Mind
Make Money On Runescape:
My Own FREE Runescape Making Money Guide And Tips.
Super D Comics:
Super D The Benaball Comic Hero . . . A Stick Figer With Cape. . .wow. . .
Well Enjoy!!!
This Is My DRAFT Making Money Guide IT’s FREE Unlike The Other Ones Which Require Payment. . .Getting Money On A Computer Game Shouldn’t Cost Real Money Besides It’s Against The Rules.
Also I Believe Knowlage Is Better Given Than Sold.
Page 2: Making money as a Warrior
Page 3: Making Money as a Crafter
Page 4: Making Money as a Archer
Page 5: Making money as a Chief
Page 6: Making money as a Black Smith
Page 7: Making Money as a Lumber Jack
Page 8: Making Money as a Wizard
Page 9: Macro!!! Macro!!! Information
Page 11: What Did He Just Say?
Page 12: Fun with Pking
Page 13: TIP Page
Page 14: Make Money as a Hunter
Page 15: Making Money as a Fisherman
Page 16: Beware Thy Scammers (Bonus Feature)
Page 17: Last Words
That’s The Features in this guide Enjoy!

Warriors: If you’re a warrior then PKing is good for you but if you’re not the PKing Type then you can do quests and get money but if you don’t like that then here’s the best possible way.
Go to Edgevill and enter the big building with yews and coffins go down the trapdoor now go through the under ground walkway till you get to a mining spot heap past that and the hob goblins o reach the hill giants go to the little room and get the brass key on the ground for easier entrance in the future if you already have a brass key use the other entrance which is just along the river between Varrock and barbarian village and kill hill giants if you’re a member there’s heaps to kill if you’re a non member well. .sorry now kill these and gather all the coins they drop they also drop runes like laws now also keep the big bones. Now go back to the bank and do this a few times don’t leave any items even limpwurt roots not the beer thou now after about 15 runs you would have quite a bit now keep the items you think you need like maybe laws if you want to teleport of maybe even deaths go to the bank note all the bones then log out go look in the forms. If you’re a member you can post messages of threads if not go into the forms and click search thread “Buying Limpwurt roots” once you find someone buying for a reasonable price add him or her to your friends list and say you have tell them that you have limpwurt roots once you meet up with him IF you meet up with them then you’ve made quite a bit also sell the bones in a non members world for 300 to 450 each even 500 if possible. Now every 15 runs you do you should make more than 10k at least and when you’re strong and ready go onto dragons or demons dragons are members and they drop Dragon hide, Dragon Bones and dragon scales and other goodies now dragon bones sell for quite a bit on the forms and once the Dragon hide is taken to the tanner depending of the dragon leather you made it can be up to 10k to 15k each piece also Demons drop coins, bones and other goodies.
Then the warrior has his money to buy his favorite weapon.
*TIP* Once you start getting a high level PKing comes in handy and is Recommended if you want to make fun with this get a group of friends and visit the wild you can get cut sapphires steel plates steel legs and even a staff of earth with a big enough team you can PK in the wild and get those other sell-able items.
Also once you get your first good items from either PKing or Attacking C.C.C. (Computer Controlled Characters) for items such as gold coins laws deaths and off players possibly power amulets and green dragon hide body’s also you can sell the items you get to other players for a big price and if you go to Lumbridge quickly you can sell the items back to the person you killed well that’s all I have for Warriors.

Crafter: Now if you’re a Crafter its best to make gold rings or amulets here’s how you do it. If you can’t mine and smelt gold then buy either bars or ore in this case Gold ore: 100gp each and bars: 150gp each be patient sellers and buyers aren’t around all day then get a mould of what that you want to make if you have gems make gem ones now make either rings, amulets or necklaces and now go to Port Sarim if you made amulets go sell them to general store or if you’re a member sell them to amulet guy in Brimhaven on Karamajar but to take them to him you must enchant the amulets. If you made rings or necklaces go to a quite world and sell them at Jewelry shop in Port Sarim now if there’s heaps of other jewelry in the shop like say 30 or over gold rings or 40 or so necklaces with the money you got from the stuff you sold buy as many as you can *note* don’t buy back the ones you sold. Now go to a very unpopular world and sell them to back the jewelry shop, make shore there aren’t any in the shop so you get more.

#Example# I go to the jewelry shop to sell a gold ring I got from a quest I sold it and got around 200 odd coins I noticed there were 90 gold necklaces all like 50 each I brought 4 and then I went to another world and sold them for 300 each then I changed back to the world I was in before and brought more until they had like 20 in stock I walked off not with 200gp but with 27k.

**TIP** I made my first Million By making Amulets and enchanting them you see because I’m a miner I had quite a few gems in my bank so I went and got my crafting up by making stuff out of clay which goes up reasonably quickly when doing clay I could craft them into amulets and sold them 1 by one to the store.
Selling 10 items at once doesn’t give you the same amount of money for each item so selling one by one is slower but you get more money for your items.

That’s almost every thing for crafting for Non-Members for members I have this:
Making bowstrings is a quick easy way to make money go to seer’s village and pick flax go turn it into bow strings and bank them do this until you have at least 400 then go pick flax and run to the bank and back DON’T SPIN IT now do this till you have 400 of both the reason you do this is because you see people buying flax and you wouldn’t have it and then you’d use up the bowstrings on your fletching and get flax then you’d see people buying Bowstrings Etc. so this increases your chance of selling
Once you sell all of your flax of bowstrings then go get more.
More Info: most people like to buy more of an item EG. You want to buy Bowstrings but you want more that 10 you want 1k for Fletching (or selling back for more) so you don’t want any people giving you less than 1k because you want to get it over and done with. So people often want more than 300 to 500 so try getting 1k of both for and even higher chance in selling your items.

Arching: Arching it a popular skill and is fairly easy to train. If you’re a member who can make all of their arrows. For non members it’s still quite efficient you don’t need to get hurt while battling monsters because you can simple stand behind fungus or an object to arch on your enemies.
This helps in the wild when your PKing or simple getting your levels up on demons Etc. you can kill quite a few people in the wild because people go in the lava maze you can stand outside and range on them when they die either you or a buddy goes in and grabs the stuff or use Tele-grab on the items if possible.
For members there is a training zone where you can attack ogres in a cage near east of the gnome strong hold for non-members you can attack the caged lesser demon in the top floor of wizard tower when you think your level is high enough you go onto PKing.
Now most people are afraid of losing every thing in the wilderness because they aren’t confident and prepared so most of you would make or buy a cruddy un-careless weapon and in they go then that die and say they’ll never go back in the wild again,
Now if you’re a confident person and you are well prepared go ahead go in with all your stuff for a better PKing chance. If you aren’t confident that’s fine I was worried too when I went in the wild with all my strong stuff if you are really in the “I don’t want to do this” subject go get a medium level cruddy weapon and shield and food.
Here’s a list of what you need for Confident and not so confident people.

Confident Peoples List:
Strong Bow of You Choice, Ammo of your choice, Good Food is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Strong Ranging Armor of your choice, if level 43 prayer recharge it prayer is a very handy helper.

Not-So Confident List
Weak Training Bow or Short Bow, Weak Bronze or Training Arrows, Food like Meat or Cake, Weak Cruddy Armor like Leather body, and a recharged Prayer.

Now once you are ready go into the wild but choose wisely now think of what level players you want to attack in the level 1 zone any character that either 1 level lower or higher than you can attack you level 2 zone any character that is either 2 levels lower or higher than you can attack and etc.
That’s all I have for Archers
Hope it helped.

Chiefs: Now Cooking is a very handy skill you can cook lobsters and sell them for a good 250 to 300gp each now if you don’t have fishing level to fish them then here’s how to get them.
I have 2 options. . .
1. Go to Port Sarim’s Fish shop and usually there are raw lobsters for around 50 to 80gp buy them until you have 1k if the shop runs out of stock change worlds
2. Go to Karamajar and buy the lobsters off the players fishing them on the dock to the north of the banana plantation and do runs to the bank and back
Now once have about 200 to 1k raw lobsters go cook them if you have level 40 cooking if you don’t have the level then go train it up on chicken and bread in other words the best food you can make and do the cooks assistant quest as well if not completed it won’t take too long to get your level up to 40.
Now next step is cooking.
Go cook the lobsters on the range in Lumbridge and wear a chiefs hat because it makes you cook more also cooking on a camp fire increases the amount you cook
Don’t worry if you burn them you will get it all eventually.
Now once you’ve cooked them you can either keep them for you so you can go in the wild or your training or doing quests or you can go sell them. Go to Varrock in a reasonably crowed world not because a Very crowed world has words every and every second the hole screen is covered in people and no one can see your message neither, and you can’t you see who’s buying. A world with hardly any people will never let you sell because the reason most people go in Non-crowded worlds is they get fishing spots mining spots and other stuff all to them selves so they won’t be buying unless they think its worth it it’s a rare action if someone buying in that kind of world now go and sell them in a medium crowded world. Here’s what you type . . .

Flash2:wave2: Selling Lobbies 250gp each!!!

If you want to sell them for 300 each, be my guest but you won’t get many buyers
Now Continue doing for a while if it doesn’t work try a different world or look on the forums.
The forum is located not IN-Game but on the main page of RuneScape
Scroll down the left side of the page until you find Forums click the hyperlink (it won’t bite) and click search threads search this:
Buying Lobsters
Now all these threads come up click on one that has a good title like maybe “BUYING ALL LOBBIES” or “Buying 1k Lobbies” there are more that I haven’t showed. Now once you find someone buying for 250gp each or 300 each go into RuneScape and add his name to your list read the message he has as well add him to friends list and in the game Message him when he’s on sell them to him for 250 to 300 each and you now have 50k but if you chose 1k lobbies you now have 1000k.

Black Smith: Black Smith is my most favorite skill it was the first skill I started to train. Now a Black Smith Can either mine or buy the ore I chose to mine since to me Mining’s Fun. Now you can Mine the ore or sell it or buy the ore and sell it for more and there’s the Smith option here’s the process I recommend you should take.
Mine or Buy your Ore
Bank all your ore until you have enough to make 1k bars
go to the smelter down in Al Kharid for members use the Furnace at port Physmas
Once all bars are ready go to Varrock West Bank
do loads of bars to the Anvil south from Varrock Bank
Make the best item you can make keep going back and forth
When finished either sell your items to players or to the weapons and armor shop
bank money and repeat process
Now once you’ve go a high enough level you can smith steel and gold.
Gold bars are handy especially for a crafter but for a Black Smith you can sell them for 300-500 each, For steel you could make steel plate bodies and sell them for 1k each at Varrock Armor Shop but because of the Construction skill people will buy them for 500-1k.
Once you are high enough it’s on to Mithril now Mithril is a pretty good metal.
The bars don’t sell for much because people don’t often use them but they are missing out on the 1500gp if they sold a plate at the armor shop.
Now it’s on to Adamant now this metal is pretty good if you could make full adamant who knows how much you could get my guess heaps.
Last but now least Runite now Rune is hard to get if you’re a low Combat Level
To get it you need to mine it in the wild now the problem with this is:
Pkers (Player Killers, they attack you)
You Need a Rune Pick other wise you’ll be there for 5 minutes or more
Now you mine it near the Lava maze in the wild to find where the lava maze is go to RuneScapes Main Menu scroll down the left side of the screen until you see World Map go into it and then you can view the map click and drag to move and explore the map of RuneScape and the Wild, Without actually being there but its a lot better exploring it properly. Any ways, once you find the lava maze look around the Maze until you find the Symbol there are 2 Runite Rocks there that take around 30 minutes to re-spawn change world and mine it again but BE CARFUL WHICH WORLD YOU CHOOSE if you choose a bad world since there could be Pkers who if they kill you’ll lose all your Runite (all that hard work!)
*TIP* If you’re a member and you do the Between a Rock Quest then you can get fired out of a cannon into a rock with lots of Gold its gold heaven gold in the wall to mine gold in rocks and a hole lot more heaven and even thou its far from the bank if you head to the water there is a guy that will keep 6 gold and take the rest to your bank.

Lumber Jack: The lumber jack can give wealth to you because of members fletching skill they like to buy logs and fletch them into bows and more, Follow these steps to get at least 3 Million as I said this is the most best way of getting money.
Now cut down yews if you cant you won’t be able to get heaps of money now first chop down yews you want to know why?
Look at this list of how much you get when you sell them for 300 each.
If you sell:
500-150k (150,000 Coins= 1 Hundred Thousands and 5 Ten Thousands)
1000-300k (300,000 Coins= 3 Hundred Thousands)
2000-600k (600,000 Coins= 6 Hundred Thousands)
3000-900k (900,000 Coins= 9 Hundred Thousands)
4000-1200k (1200, 000 Coins= 1 Million and 2 Hundred Thousands)
Now do you know those level 3s standing around Yew trees and chopping them down well listen to this-are the bald with a little brown beard?, do they have short sleeves?, are they wearing brown pants? Now the reason I said that is they are Macros. Macro is a program that you can send a way to do stuff some people don’t like getting logs them self so they have found some way of programming it to go into internet and go to now that’s why usually the level 3s around the Yew trees are brown beard and what I said before, the reason they are like this is because the people who made use macro want to get the Tutorial Island over and done with. Now what they do next is program Macro to chop Oak then Willow to get the level up to standard of 60 then they’ll get Macro to get Yew for a few weeks then when the Macro has enough logs then it gets traded over the Macros Proper user so he can sell it and make money. To find out more go to the “Macro” part of this guide.
Also There Is Shops In China Where People Get Paid To Work For A Long Time But Get Paid Very Little Then The Owner Of The Shop Sells The Rich User For Real World Cash, And That’s Why When You Say Hi They Don’t Answer. . .They’re Not English!
Now wood cutting is boring I may say but if you work out something like maybe chop the wood and burn it tends to not be as boring.
*TIP* good places of chopping wood are hard to find sometimes so this list below will help you.
Trees- Goblin Path
Oak- Just North East from Varrock
Willow- Dranor Village
Teak- Tai Bwo Wannai on Karamajar (Members Only)
Maple- Seers Village (Members Only)
Mahogany-Tai Bwo Wannai on Karamajar (Members Only)
Yew- below Flax Field (Members Only) And Falador’s South Entrance
Magic Trees- Mage Training Area Just up the side of the building (Members Only)

Now rare trees can be found at a symbol rare trees are all over the map and can be in difficult places.

Wizards: If You a Wizard then you Probably have a reasonable Magic level now you need Runes go to the magic tutor outside of Lumbridge castle and ask for runes *Note you cannot repeatedly receive runes you must wait 30 minutes before you get more*
Now once you have received your runes you have 2 options. . .
1. Use them to get mage level up
2. Go sell them at rune store
If you chose option 2 you’re on your own.
If you chose option 1 I’ll keep talking now go train your mage level up on the lesser demon in the cage on the top floor of wizard tower until a high enough level I also recommend you do the Rune mysteries so you can make the runes to up your level then make sure you can at least cast Fire Blast or Air Blast and you need to have a binding spell that holds a target in its place now after killing the demon a few times its time for PKing In other words Player Killing now gather your runes if you cannot afford the runes look in the Runes crafters guide which for wizards I recommend. Now it’s Time! Go into a medium crowded world here’s what you need.-Well supplied stock of Runes, food, and possibly mage robes of some description DO NOT WEAR ANY ARMOR BECAUSE IT LOWERS MAGE if you wear mage robes or Mystic Robes (Members only) it adds special bonus to the amount of damage and hits you make.*Note* also a good way of getting cash as a mage is to do high level alchemy it lets you turn items into money.
Now go into the Wild search for players if you see one don’t run away run towards them so you can cast spells you see people log out in the wild as soon as they spot someone on the mini map but if you search enough you’ll find some people who won’t be so quick at the log out button.
Also if you find someone not moving as much like someone who’s mining coal or rune in this case go to them and don’t attack say “Hi” or something to make them not so keen to press logout just talk and keep them occupied not for too long since people mining rune usually mine it and world swap so when it looks like they have no idea attack them with a Blast of mage if they stick on Protect from Magic prayer on then your in trouble if not continue if they have a fighting sense in them prepare to eat some of your food and use bind or a spell that paralyzes them momentarily which gives an advantage but if they run the bind still should work try to keep them in sight and since its mage you can shoot from a distance use bind to grab them in the place or what spell your using if they get away then go back and try again if you’re a high level mage and you’re a member you can use teleport block and freeze that freezes them really well (I know I’ve got killed with it once you’re a sitting target) once you kill them check the items they have keep all the stuff you find and go out of the wild to restore food and sell the gathered items.
*TIP*usually people hang around in the lava maze if your someone with mage this gives an advantage you can be inside the maze or outside if your inside the will either attack you or run trying to get out, If your out then you cannot get attacked unless they have a buddy just attack them as they run around in the maze getting killed and scorpions and black knights will attack as well if you have laws and level 33 mage you can do Tele-grab and grab their items this tip works for arching as well.

Macro!!! Macro!!!
Macro is Program that you can send it away to do stuff so like every day make it do stuff for you, Well people have found out how to use it IN RuneScape for an Unfair Advantage they make it Play RuneScape and Gather stuff for them in this case they make up 4 or even 1 user and make them all run on the same program
Here’s how you can tell which players are being controlled by Macro.

1. The Player will not respond to any message
2. the player is bald and has a short brown beard and brown pants
Now I’ve been in Members Worlds and spotted Macro’s Mining Pure Essence and every time they will walk backwards when they come to the back after mining. Also a Macro will stand in the one place for a while in the Rune essence mine since you get teleported into different part of the mine it takes time for the Macro to realize where it is.
Don’t you hate it when your selling something and some moron comes up to you and says “its worth less than that” and calls you a noob well it makes me so angry listen to this encounter.
I brought a cannon from the snow mountain the only place to get them unless you get one off another player well I got it for 750k and I used it well and happily then I didn’t want it because my level was up to the point where I didn’t need it,
So I went to Falador and tried to sell it for the price I paid for it no buyers but some moron saying its worth 500k to 600k I went off I wasn’t wasting 250 to 150k it’s just like dropping it.
I said that I got it for 750k from the snow mountain he just said “Oh My God you noob don’t buy them there you get ripped off”
Then he walks off thinking he knows every thing
When the only place to buy cannons are on white wolf mountain and players
Where do players get them to start with?

“Duh, Snow Mountain”
Then they waste 150 to 250k by selling it for less
I know where he got that dumb price from
And they say themselves
They aren’t Accurate.
What Did He Just Say?
Have you ever had people say something like “Omg” well here’s a list of what most of them mean.
1. Omg-Oh My God
2. Ty-Thank You
3. Nty-No Thank you
4. Wtf-What the **** (word not displayed)
5. Omfg- Oh My ****** (word not displayed) God
6. noob- Meant as an insult New Player
7. Gtg- Got to Go
8. PL8- Plate Body
9. Brb- Be Right Back
10. Lummy-Lumbridge, Cammy-Camelot, Fally-Falador, Barb-Barbarian village
11. Pking-Player Killing
12. Obby maul-Obistian maul
13. Dpd- Dragon Poisoned dagger
14. Unids/Undies-Unidentified Herbs
15. Nats-Nature runes
16.Lol-Laugh out loud

Pking can be a fun little game that you can play by going into the wild and trying to kill other players and get good items such as rune plate bodies etc. and simply to get your level up now in the wild people tend to get mean and when they kill someone they’ll say “Die Noob” or something mean along that tactic there are nice Pkers (in a way) that might say “good try” or “nice level dude” (if they are a low level try to ignore saying that message).
I was in the wild one time and I saw a hole Pking bunch of level 90 to 99 I look and stand there for a while then they realize I’m there and all come over one of them was a mage using and ice spell which held me in place then he did 34 damage then 6, 2,8,10 and I’m dead as I die one of the group says “bully” to the mage
How Kind.

TIP Page
Sometimes you can buy and item(s) for less then you can sell them E.g.
I went on the forums and brought 3k coal for 580k that’s 193gp each (I could have got cheaper if I worked harder) then I went to a different world and sold them for 200 each and got 600k that’s 20k extra then I had before in other words I got 7gp more for each one.
This works for lobbies and logs and even Bowstrings like I brought 2000 bow strings for 150 each for 300k then went and sold it for 200 each to another guy and got 400k that’s 100k extra.
Any One can do it.
Even if you buy little amounts like 2 lobbies for 175 each and sold them for 250 each you’ve made 500gp to go buy more.

Make Money as a Hunter
Following Is Member’s only:
Hunters Can Get Stacks if they have the level. You can get money by making the fur from animals into clothing it can sell for quite a bit.
Also Finding A Good Spot To Hunt Is A MUST!!!
I Find My Favorite place is near the Grand Tree. . .
Now You Can Get Here 2 Ways . . . That I Know Of.
1. Use Fairy Ring Code: AKQ
2. Go to the Lady on the Other Side of the river from the Gnome Ball Field and pay 50 GP she will take you up the river to the hunting ground.
Also there are polar kebbits Kebbits Polar North East of Rellekka.
The Fairy Ring Code: DKS

With Hunting you can sell the clothing you make most of the clothing sells high especially the gloves of silence which increases the thieving ability.
To start hunting go to Yanille where the main Hunter’s Shop Is
Here’s The Main Help:
To Catch Birds: Bird Snare
To Catch Kebbits: Dead Fall Trap, Noose Ring
To Catch Imps: Magic Box
To Catch Rabbits: Rabbit Snare
And also there are big creatures that you use dead fall traps on you need a Teasing Stick for that.

Also Once High Enough In your level you can set more traps at once. . .
That Comes Handy

Fisherman: Now most fishermen you see fishing believe it or not can be richer than you think!
Fishing opens up all kinds of beneficial advantages; while you fish each fish has 3 main uses:

1. It Can Be Sold For Money (Usually Lobsters, Swordfish and *Shark*)
2. It Can Provide Food Which Enables You to Do More Quests, Never Underestimate the power of fish!!!
3. Having Food On you gives you more confidence to go ahead and either attacking the shade that appeared to you or maybe a rival in the wild

Here are usual fish prices (Tuna and Above)
Tuna= 100-110gp
Monk Fish=450-490gp
These Prices aren’t entirely accurate because I can’t go changing my guide every few hours because some price on changes.

Fishing Is Good I mean just imagine what would happen if you sold 20k lobsters I know you may think “gee that’ll take me forever what’s this idiot saying” well why not get some friends together and do a fish off the person who gets the most fish gets more of the money than the rest or just split the money without the competition, see you can get money and have fun and it’s worth the 5000, 000gp.
Well I Think It Is. . . .

Beware Thy Scammers
(Bonus Feature)
Scammers are people that try to trick you into getting your stuff here’s one scam:
There are two people 1 is a lure the other is an attacker now the lure is usually a low level E.g. level 20 or 10 even 3 now what the lure does is says “Drop Party” and will be trying to gather people to follow him he may also show you a rare item like Saradomin robes or Black trimmed helm he then says he’s dropping it. Now once he’s gathers heaps of people he’ll say wait or just stand their what he’s doing it PM (Private Messaging) his friend and telling him what levels the players are if you exceed the level of the what they want they’ll tell you to go away now the lure has enough people and heads of towards the wild the lure will then start walking around in the level 1 zone dropping coin adamant axes etc. to lure them in. if you do walk in the lure’s buddy will com over and start casting freeze spells and making so you can’t move but if your smart you’d have teleport runes and you could teleport out if the person has tele-block then your in trouble. Any ways the lure and attacker would grab the items of the player and sell them or keep them they don’t care if players grab their items because they’ll
Get them strait back.

Last Words
I’d like to say I’ve had a great time making this guide and maybe might be making another.

I’d like to thank my friends and my brother and mother that play Runescape and have spent time making money together.

Please Visit My Blog where I have info and over stuff on Runescape:

Good luck in making heaps of cash and buying all the items you ever wanted
*Last Tip* don’t start buying the items you want until you have enough to buy 2 sets of it then you have money to spare that’s reasonable.
Made by Ben 2006 © Copyright all rights reserved
Benaball Incorporated Co. E-mail [email protected]

The Proper Copy Will Be Posted On This Site. . .With More Features And. . .Spelling Mistypes.