Christmas Poem

Christmas is near just smell it in the air,
as Santa climbs down the chimny with care.
And places a gift under a tree,
i really hope that its for me.
It may be a doll or bright red truck
even if i have some luck, maybe a little sqeaky duck.
I lay in bed and hear the hooves on the roof,
I need to get to a phone booth to tell my mate bout that goof!
I run down the street with my teddy and slippers,
just as well i wasn’t in flippers!
I get to the booth and without care realise im in my underware.
i donnot have any money, and i need to go to the dunny.
i look around.
and what do i see, a round coin on the ground, Just for me!
I pick it up and slip it in the slot.
And after a while, not alot
Finally i press many numbers to get my friend
Not my brothers!
My friend answers the phone and tell him about the goof on the roof.
And how Santa was breaking an entry,
maybe to steal gold or look in the pantry.
My friend was silent, For a while.
Then he told me to go dial someone else.
I told him off i told him bad.
Santa I said was my dad.
He called me crazy he called me dumb.
Why would my dad go up on the roof? He would have to be a total goof!
Then i spoke into the phone.
My Dad, I said loud and clear
What else is there to hear.
This conversation was a waste of time.
I think i better go to bed as the night was nearly dead.
I will not forget that night
The night that i was full of fright.
Hope You Enjoyed It!!!

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