Does this world even exist?

Everyday, every hour. Every single second of your life.
Getting up walking around meeting all these people, all these animals.
Walking with the gravel crunching under your every step like the silence in a cold dark room. Take away the background sounds, what do you hear? A silence echoing sound crackling beneath you.
What is the point of all this? Why am I saying this? What is this posts purpose?

I could be awakening you, or just talking to myself in an endless eternity of madness.

All these things in your life seem so real, the water, the sky, the trees, the wind, the people.
But what is real? Real is when something is just something you have known since a young kid, your parents would tell you that the Thunderbirds or stuff like Powerrangers isn’t real, that it was made up, Fictional.
But if you were to grow up in an entirely different world, one where gravity pushes instead of pulls, one where the sky glows a dreamy red and the wind is never cold. One that the rain falls down hot and volcanoes erupt cold slippery ice.
To you, this would seem real. You would have grown up with it, your parents would have told you about stuff that was real or not. Eventually you would have been able to determine yourself whether something was real or not when you were old enough to.

But did you ever have the thought, maybe this world isn’t real. Impossile? No, for all you know you could be strapped into some machine somewhere in a misty lab.

“But I can feel pain and the water!” you may say, but how do you really know it’s real???
What you feel could be the machine controlling your senses by different zaps to your fingers.
You think you know what water feels like but if you grew up with it then you would think that’s what water feels like. It’s like someone feeding you Oil and telling you its maple syrip. You wouldn’t know if that’s what you grew up with, that was the knowledge you were told by the person.
Think, we could be in a simulation, everything around us, people, places. All simulated fake items, the world around you, fake.

What makes it even worse, you can hold someone and look them in the eyes and ask them if they are real. They will say yes, but if this is in the machine they would be telling you that. They don’t want you to know!

All the games, videos, trees. Could be all made up.

For those that are religeous it could tie in to, did you ever think that maybe you are the only human on the whole planet. Everyone else just a imagination, a dream someone that isn’t real, just instructed to do different things at different times.

I could have been instructed to write this. I could be a simulation, someone who isn’t real.

Or I could be the opposite, I could be sitting here in a whirlpool of sadness and confusion. The lonely human, the only one.

But it’s something you can never know . . .