Pointless Athletics!!!

Ah hu, you heard right.
I don’t understand it all, what’s the point.
Humans say we are different and the most evolved beings on the planet, really we haven’t strayed far from home. Hang on, don’t lost me, this will have something to do with Pointless Athletics!!!

Animals in the wild show off their skills to each other to determine the popularity of themself, the strongest earn the right to all the attention, all the glory. The ones that don’t have the skills get left moping around by themself because everybody thinks they are pathetic, nobody talks to them, who cares, it’s only the ‘unpopular’ one. It’s all about the Best.

Humans are the same, no matter how much teachers can fill us up with this ‘everybody’s a winner’ crap and the ‘participation points’ we are no different to animals.
The kids that win all the races, the kids that win the shotput, triple jump, long jump. They all get seen and noticed and are popular. The kids that don’t get left out like the pathetic trash everyone thinks they are. It’s Rubbish.

And with the ‘Everybody’s a winner’ crap and ‘It doesn’t matter who wins or loses.”
Firstly! You tell the “It doesn’t matter who wins or loses,” saying to a gambler that has lost his house and all of his money because of losing. Does it work? No.
Everybody’s a winner aye? I don’t see them handing out 1st place medals to everybody, and along with that the, “It doesn’t matter who wins or loses,” well if that’s the case then why do they bother with medals, ribbons, certificates. Why bother even placing the people in the competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Why? Imperfect.

Simple competition to Some. A chance for acceptance to Another.

And the Points that you earn so that your house can win at the end of the year. WHO CARES.
Why do people get so worked up about it, I watch people cheering for there team to win. So what, it’s a team. I don’t get people standing there carrying on.
Never have, never will. Never.

At the end of the year the name of the winning team is engraved on a piece of metal. Who cares. A piece of metal with a word written on it and some man saying, “Green team wins,” and suddenly everybody in the Green team stands up and cheers. Neither.

I so don’t get the point of the team house thing that I can’t even put it into words. Ah.

It makes no sense and is completely pointless! To you, if you are sports crazy and what-not you probably think its great! None the less. I can’t see the incredibly amazing thing that you all like so much. So THERE!

I‘ll Be back later to rave about something else.
Keep thinking those thoughts.

Sheiver me timbers!

Okay thats not like me . . . I was sailing the open seas.
Until! In the deep see I saw 7 pieces of 8.

I think I’ll stick with this.

See Ya.