Simplistic Minds.

Every day we think.

Little notes like, “What should I get for tea tonight?”

But, how would you be able to think that If you hadn’t been taught a language?
What would you think? Because, “What should I get for tea tonight?” is English, if you hadn’t been taught a language at all you wouldn’t be able to think this, but what would you think?

Does your brain have some sort of language that you understand?
Is it not a speaking voice as such, but you know what you are thinking.

Would you be like a baby, the world is just odd, you just think of eating, but you don’t think it in words.

Anyways that’s just a little starter.

Onto something else.

We consider ourselves to be pretty clever, our brains can think and take many things to concern.
It’s pretty amazing, a living conscience and thought process that is clearly unbelievable.
The brain is so amazing scientists still don’t know how it ticks. (I’d say a small clock embedded deep within the brain, lol)

But what if, our brains were simplistic.
What if our minds were the basic brains,
and somewhere out there are minds that they think entirely differently,
so different that we can even think of how different they could be.

Wait, who’s reading this and thinking.
“Not another alien believing freak, aliens aren’t real.”
Well first off, if you believe in God and so forth you should shut your mouth, I respect your beliefs so why criticize someone elses beliefs.
Secondly, they found bacteria on Mars, which, I’ll break it to you is a living organism, which is not on Earth, thereby making it an ALIEN. So there.

Besides, I find the thought of another form out in space, with billions and billions of planets and systems out there a lot more possible then a great force that exists everywhere and is not affected by time itself.

You tell me which sounds more like a fiction novel.
I’ve just broken the ‘respect’ I mentioned earlier, but the talk continues.

There could very well be another race that thinks differently to us.
They could think in an entirely different way, they could have telepathy, ESP,
Or Psychic powers.

Some humans say they have these things,
Could we just be breaking the surface for what the human brain could be capable of?

Could our brain evolve giving us mental abilities?

Not everyone can say, “I am Psychic.”
Only a few say it.

Who knows.

GEX Comic Strip!!! Next Monday!

Hello There!
If it’s more Gex that you are after you’ve come to the right place!

Next Monday, the 16th, there will be a small series of Gex comic strips available to read right here each week leading up til Christmas and the release of the Gex Comic Book ‘The Last Gift.’
Follow Gex as he prepares for Christmas in “5 Weeks Til Xmas.”
The comic strip series ends on the week before Christmas, instead of another comic strip on the same week as Christmas the newest Gex poster will be released for download.

Now secondly, Gex isn’t always a pretty sight, below I have my testing ground for Gex designs, fiddling around, testing angles, suits, shapes.

If you want to download this sketchpad just click below . . .


Cya Peeps!

Cheese Weekly

BGTN is being delayed! Yes Delayed!
Why you ask? Well!

Ben is currently working on a news show
called ‘Cheese Weekly’ that will be performed
live on the 3rd of December for the Grade 7’s

Basically it has the same characteristics as BGTN,
Fake Ads, Arguments. But this news show has an
actual team behind it, instead of 1 person . . .

Here’s the team!

Trey- Sports, Sketch
Hayden- Sports
Will- Weatherman, Sketch
Daniel- Finance, Reporter, Sketch
Nic- Reporter, Sketch
Hugh- Sketch,
Ben- Editing, Scripting, Host

(Okay I know what your thinking . . . ‘Gawd Ben is a control freak’)


A Coloured Christmas Adventure! Tis Here!

All ready to be falling down the chimney this Christmas is the newest, detailed, greatest and most colourful comic ever produced by 1000 Games.
This amazing eye candy is an amazing story, a gripping tale and a work of art on each page.
Be with Gex as he discovers a problem with his present from Santa and encounters a person who loves bombs so much . . . he’s given them to everyone.
All friends and relatives of me can order yours for Christmas day now! (It’s Free!)
Click the link above to go the the contact form.
Or email me if you know my address.
Have the subject as ‘ME WANT COMIC’
And we’ll how we can go about getting the comic to you.