"Where u been?"

Hello everyone!

I’d just like to say hello, even if I already explained that in the first line . . . but now I want to talk about why I’ve been basically invisible for the past few weeks, and why I’ve posted nothing, said nothing, been almost non-existent. To put it simply, I’ve had technical problems, overload realisations, lost thought, and taken time to work on other things, I’m going to talk about all of this right now.

First is the technical problems, which I will be writing another WAW, (War On Windows) sometime in the next week or so, because Windows stuffed up again, leaving me out of action for a full 2 weeks, meaning no YouTube videos, no Facebook, Twitter, I wasn’t able to work on any projects or productions.

Second is my overload realisations, this means basically, that I’ve set myself up with all this stuff to do, all these different people to try and please, but I am unable to do it all.
 I have 18 Blogs to manage, 14 are the main ones being used, the others are a test blog, and other blogs owned by other people, of which I was invited to ‘contribute’. One of the blogs, ‘Ben’s iPod Tricks’ is receiving heaps of visitors everyday, because it is linked to my YouTube account, I am meant to be bringing out a whole heap of new tricks for the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but I had both technical troubles and a lot of other things to do. On YouTube I try to upload a video every so often to keep subscribers happy, that takes up time, and then I have other home productions for family, personal or school, this means school projects, and homework, family videos which I am making a huge 1 hour video, and personal includes songs and things that I want to make for friends and use as Christmas entertainment for my Facebook friends.
Along with that I spend hours on developing Squad 506 which is my top-down shooter game, which I have been working on full and part time since January 2010, and I also spend time developing my programs, Looper! and a few others that I haven’t released for you guys to download yet.
You may at this point be thinking . . . “Why the frig do you make yourself do all this s&@%?!”
Well, probably to keep me occupied, and my sub-conscious way of blocking out my emotions by grinding them up with impossible forever-lasting tasks.

Third is lost thought, which is tied into the overload problem, because there’s so much stuff to do, I blank out and really sit there in a meditation state, not knowing what to do.

Four, taking time to work on other things, like doing a mass clean up of my room, and things like homework and school projects which was kinda mentioned in the second reason too . . . . this whole post is basically based around the second reason, why did I not just forget about the numbered reasons and just mix them all up into my own argumentative excuse idioglossia?


Catch you soon . . . Why do I keep saying that, I’m not going to literally catch you . . . oh nevermind . . .

“Idioglossia refers to an idiosyncratic language, one invented and spoken by only one or very few people. Most often, idioglossia refers to the “private languages” of young children, especially twins, the latter which is more specifically known as cryptophasia, and commonly referred to as twin talk or twin speech.” 
– ‘borrowed’ from Wikipedia
I’m back on track now,

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