“Ease of Use”

I have had the worse morning in terms of technology being an absolute pain in the motherboard.

Luckily my father locked his tool shed, otherwise I would be halfway through pounding this “Fast and Efficient” Personal Computer liar into millions of pieces. If you’re a PC fan boy, you can get stuffed, I don’t care if you want to argue some point about my computer being “outdated and slow”, [a typical PC Fan response, it seems that even a new computer purchased in 2011 is “outdated and slow”, what carp.] if you’re a Mac fan boy, you can bugger off as well, because in my experience iDevices screw up a lot too.

First things first, out of the blue, my computer decides that it no longer likes USB devices, yesterday it suddenly started this routine where it will NOT boot up unless I remove every USB device, then wait for it to load the operating system, then plug them all back in again. Then I have to log in using the on-screen keyboard so that the operating system can install all of the devices again, despite the fact it already has them installed. If I plug-in a device that’s already installed, into a different port on the computer, it’s apparently a foreign, new, device. So we have to go back and install all of the drivers for it again. It’s a complete waste of time.

Second thing, for some reason my server, this one, was serving an old version of my software “Eycon” to users, despite the fact I uploaded the new file. If I delete a file on my server, and upload a new file with the same name, the old file is shown, and not the new one. Bloody inconvenience.

Third thing, I purchased songs on my iPod Touch, I plugged it into my computer and synced it, it went straight through without copying the songs. It just finished the sync, and my songs hadn’t been transferred. I searched for the purchased songs in my library, they showed up grey – meaning they HADN’T been transferred. So I synced it a few more times, I even used the “Transfer Purchases” option, still the songs wouldn’t sync off my iPod Touch, so I have to go and download them again on my computer. When I go into the “Purchased” section of the iTunes Store, it tells me the songs have already been downloaded on this computer, when they haven’t. So it doesn’t let me download them.

Driving me nuts, how these systems are unpredictable, they suddenly, one day, even though they’ve done fine every single day without change, for some reason something screws up and they don’t work the same way anymore. It’s, to put it simply, crap.

I hate how when you post stuff like this you have some stuck up, delusional idiots telling you it’s because your system is outdated, or from some bad brand that no one should buy. No, it’s nothing to do with that. Every PC I’ve owned has done crap like this, I don’t do anything different, I haven’t installed any software that would do it. Just randomly, out of the blue, it stops working. Same with iDevices, apps have been crashing like crazy despite the fact I’m using the newest device, it’s just ridiculous, and yet, I’ll get some stupid fan boy expressing their opinion.

Till my next rant,


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    Well, You Don’t honestly expect your computer to not give you a punch in the guts every once in a while after all that un-forgiving video editing and exporting 🙂

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