Mental Drainage Time!
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G’day people, Festologist here.

You know how, in year 11 and 12, there are things called exams? Well, they started last week, with my own exams starting this morning. Physics being that exam.

It was a nightmare, to say the least. Walking into the room, with my brain running through everything I had studied the night before, I felt strangely confident… Until I looked at the exam paper for the first time.

Holy shoot.

The first question threw me off completely, as I had not seen something like it before. Things sort of went a bit better after that though, with a few guesses here and there. Then I looked up at the clock – 10:15, one hour to go and I wasn’t even half way through the second booklet. I had spent half hour on 2 questions.

To make the story short, I blasted though 5 questions in 15 minutes, quite the achievement. I then spent the full 45 minutes on the last booklet.

I walked out of the exam, went to go to my locker and was told, “Sorry you can’t go through here, an exam is on right now.” I had to wait. 45 long, boring minutes without food to cure my hunger that I had since about 11am. Plus I had no phone, books etc to keep me entertained until 12. Greatest three-quarters of an hour of my life (not).

So that pretty much sums up my day, not mentioning nearly falling asleep over my philosophy work and missing the bus home. Hope you have all had a better day than me. I have another 3 exams over the next 2 days, so have fun everyone!

Thanks for reading,

This is The Festologist, signing off.


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