The Not-So-Long Brain Debate

I cannot believe some of the people in the world these days,
There are people that punch you, whack you around the back of the head. Mindlessly hurting you because they obviously don’t have the brain power to do anything other than fling their arms at you like some complete and utter dead-headed zombie, with ‘whacking’ being their only thought process.
But the people I am really starting to hate are those that in every single conversation you have with them they have to critisise you, even if they weren’t in the conversation they will jump in and critisise you. Like when I told my friend the other day that I had uploaded my poem to my website, then the dimbo jumps in and says, ‘What? Him writing a poem? He doesn’t even have the brain power to even write a poem.’
You are the one who lacks the brain power dimbo! (No not you, reader . . . the person that said the stuff about me not being able to even write a poem . . . anyways.)
He seems to have this thing that I’m some brainless moron who doesn’t have enough ‘brain power’ to string 2 words together!
It seems to me that he needs to think that someone is dumber than him so that he can feel good about himself. Someone that goes around all day critisising people obviously isn’t capable of doing anything else but that!

Now I had something to say at the end of this, but since I imagined what kind of things people would say or think about it, I decided it was best to leave it out.

I hope the person that thinks I don’t have the ‘brain power’ is reading this, because then you will see that I am more than you think.

Does this world even exist?

Everyday, every hour. Every single second of your life.
Getting up walking around meeting all these people, all these animals.
Walking with the gravel crunching under your every step like the silence in a cold dark room. Take away the background sounds, what do you hear? A silence echoing sound crackling beneath you.
What is the point of all this? Why am I saying this? What is this posts purpose?

I could be awakening you, or just talking to myself in an endless eternity of madness.

All these things in your life seem so real, the water, the sky, the trees, the wind, the people.
But what is real? Real is when something is just something you have known since a young kid, your parents would tell you that the Thunderbirds or stuff like Powerrangers isn’t real, that it was made up, Fictional.
But if you were to grow up in an entirely different world, one where gravity pushes instead of pulls, one where the sky glows a dreamy red and the wind is never cold. One that the rain falls down hot and volcanoes erupt cold slippery ice.
To you, this would seem real. You would have grown up with it, your parents would have told you about stuff that was real or not. Eventually you would have been able to determine yourself whether something was real or not when you were old enough to.

But did you ever have the thought, maybe this world isn’t real. Impossile? No, for all you know you could be strapped into some machine somewhere in a misty lab.

“But I can feel pain and the water!” you may say, but how do you really know it’s real???
What you feel could be the machine controlling your senses by different zaps to your fingers.
You think you know what water feels like but if you grew up with it then you would think that’s what water feels like. It’s like someone feeding you Oil and telling you its maple syrip. You wouldn’t know if that’s what you grew up with, that was the knowledge you were told by the person.
Think, we could be in a simulation, everything around us, people, places. All simulated fake items, the world around you, fake.

What makes it even worse, you can hold someone and look them in the eyes and ask them if they are real. They will say yes, but if this is in the machine they would be telling you that. They don’t want you to know!

All the games, videos, trees. Could be all made up.

For those that are religeous it could tie in to, did you ever think that maybe you are the only human on the whole planet. Everyone else just a imagination, a dream someone that isn’t real, just instructed to do different things at different times.

I could have been instructed to write this. I could be a simulation, someone who isn’t real.

Or I could be the opposite, I could be sitting here in a whirlpool of sadness and confusion. The lonely human, the only one.

But it’s something you can never know . . .

Can’t Anyone Think?

This story may contain . . . no wait . . . does contain some coarse language, not that really wild stuff but average.

I am getting sick of the amount of people that don’t think, aways think that they own the spot and when you try to explain such simple logic to them they go “Shut up,” or “What ever.”
Do they even understand what you tell them? I gather that they don’t!

We were on the bus home today. I got on the bus and sat in the center next to my mate, another friend of mine sat in the seat opposite me next to a girl. She started using her feet to try and push him off the chair, then kicking and etc. Saying, “Get out of my chair,” when there are two seats! That is how a freaking bus works!!! You have a window seat on one side and another seat next to it. If everyone took up 2 seats each there would be no freaking room on the bus for anyone!!!
Then a girl and my friend’s sister chirped in, “Get off the chair Ashley, go sit over there!”
Ash refused, he didn’t have to move, this girl wanted to spread across 2 flaming seats.
Some boys got onto the bus, now these are your average, we’re grade 9 and 10 kids so we can do what we want. They are also stupid and tell Ashley to leave his seat.
One of them grabs him and pulls him from the seat but he sits back down again. The bus is now driving alone and we have the dimbo boys from the back saying, “Ash get the **** out of the seat!” we have the annoying duo saying, “Get out of the seat Ashley,” and we have the I Want To Spread Across 2 Flaming Seats girl poking Ashley in the back.
Ash’s sister is eating mandarin and is throwing the pips with the girl next to her at Ashley.
“Looks like I’m going to have to tell the bus driver that you are eating on the bus,” I say pointing at the NO EATING signs that are placed all over the interior of the bus.
For once someone did think, Ash’s sister stuck the food back into her bag. The girl that was fighting Ash for the seat asked her for a mandarin to squeeze onto Ashley. Too late, the food was in the bag.
Suddenly a tub of runny cheese-yogurt stuff whizzed past Ash’s head and splatted between me and the person next to me, going all over his polar-fleece jacket.
It came from the stupid people up the back that think they are older and better than everyone. Well guess what dimbos! Your acting like freakin‘ 3 year olds when you throw your food. Grow up for god sakes and act you damn age!!!
The tub of yogurty cheese stuff was chucked onto the floor by the person next to me, “I’m sick of this,” he said, having not been the only time that he had food thrown at him from the tweed-heads up the back.
“Get off the chair,” says the girl sitting next to Ash’s sister.
It’s bloody alright for her to push people out of their chairs in her little world, it’s alright for her to throw your bag away then push you out of your seat as you go to get it.
But the moment someone takes a free seat it is the worst freaking thing in the whole bloody world! Doesn’t she think? And there is no point reasoning with people like this, they don’t listen, they think whatever a stupid idiot throwing a tantrum. It is pathetic and shows weak useless thinking ability. It also brings in what I said in an earlier post, it calls in the ‘Boys are dumber than girls’ bull crap. Where girls mistreat boys because of facts put on a percentage of boys. A percentage of boys that social skills develop at a lower rate is not a bloody apply to all figure!
When it comes down to it neither boy or girl is smarter than each other, stupidity isn’t a gender thing! No one gender is smarter than the other! Social ability is not another word for stupid! And only a percentage of boys have social issues!
As we continue with the story.
Some low life picked up the cheese yogurty stuff and spread it all on a biscuit, then he smeared it all over Ashley’s backpack, which he had stuck over his head to protect himself from oncoming food.
Ash’s sister had called her mum! To tell her that Ash was trying to steal someone’s seat!!!
Bloody load of rubbish!!!
She handed the phone to Ashley to talk to mum.
He said that the girl was sitting on 2 seats etc and that his sister was just carrying on about nothing! Which she freaking was!

He was told off by his dad on the phone and got the ‘Shut up and just listen’ treatment.

I am sick of it, if Ash’s sister, ms I need 2 seats girl, the so called cool guys from the back of the bus and part one of the annoying duo had the brains to think! They wouldn’t have done stupid things! Telling Ash to get out of a bus seat that, no one was using, it was only when Ash sat there that the girl wanted him out. You don’t need 2 seats for 1 person, if she had thought of that the whole thing would never of happened and I wouldn’t be writing this story.

Try thinking of the situation, how stupid it is.

After reading this there are many things that may enter your mind.
If you are one of those girls that think boys are stupid and that I am just a loser throwing a tantrum you will probably think something crude and uncalled for.

If you are one of those boys that think you’re the ‘tough guy’ and you are reading this thinking me as a stupid nerd, a geek a weak pissant with a retarded thought pattern, then I would ask you not to talk of yourself that way. If you didn’t understand that joke, you are definately one of those boys.

If you are someone with a good thinking mind and understands what I am talking about and sees my point of view then you are a very good understanding person. You may not agree with everything that I have written but you see the point.


If you would like to ask something post a comment.
Tone it down on the swearing if you are going to post.

A Paradox of Thinking

Hello there!

Here’s some more things to add to the list of thinking.

Imagine nature, the trees, birds, waterfalls, the sun, space, etc . . .
But now think of us! We have computers that respond to zeros and ones, we have cars which use explosions to move along, we have huge chunks of metal weighing tonnes and yet there they are, flying through the sky. Now yes, you could think, so what.
But just think deeply, come to the sudden realiseation.

The human race never thinks to remember that we are infact animals. We are animals on this planet too, simply and obviously more evolved than other species.
But the thing that marvels me is all this technology. Think of it now, you are using a computer which is all these little wires connecting to different spots, that computer is recieving information from the internet cable or wireless, the computer is getting information from the internet which is all these different servers of online gobbly goop hosting all the memory sending it to different computers which comes to the computer as binary code which looks like this: 101010111010101010101011010101011101010101110101010101010101001001010101001
Then it reads it all, understanding it then decoding it into english which you are reading right now.
When you close the internet window the computer is sending a comand like the above binary.

Now think of another technology marvel, one that millions of people use today. When you listen to music through earphones or speakers have you ever thought what they actually are. Speakers are a piece of virbrating metal. Which virbrates in different ways to make different sounds.
Same with earphones, tiny pieces of metal inside those white earbuds that virbrate.

Now think of who the hell would have even thought about all this stuff!!!!
How on earth did the first digital device come up???
Who would have thought that plugging a few wires into different spots and the more complicated the wiring system and blah gobbly glop!!!

I cannot type it up anymore, my mind is going way to fast for me and I have no idea how I could explain my thoughts any more than I have.


See ya

The Verbal Dispute

Because of a teacher this topic has been brought to my attention yet again. This time I have something to say about it, instead of leaving it for my mind to wander on yet again in a flooded pool of darkened afterthoughts.

Now as apparently facts show, boys are left less intelligent than that of girls. Because they lack social skills, maturing at a slower rate and etc. Now I do not mind that the facts have stated that a percentage of boys are like this, but what I don’t stand for is when girls take this facts and think that it applies to all boys.

If you are a teacher, not to be offensive but I find that the female teachers state this more, is that girls are the easiest to control but the boys are the nightmares, which always resort to violent means to solve their problems. You may think that this is because they are not intelligent enough to resort to verbal negotiation, instead leading to progress their feelings in a physical manner.
Again, I do not mind this fact, as in some cases this is true, but when a teacher says that all boys are less intelligent and are violent, and starts treating all boys the same way, I do not stand for it.

I do not like to be verbally teased and treated as I am a stupid insignificant pest, nor would any other boy. Yet I know boys that aren’t teased and treated stupid, in the same class, but still girls insist of pestering me and others, why some boys aren’t pestered I yet to know but I am getting sick of this useless commenting and go-about.
I am not stating that all girls are like this, but I believe that when they take facts and apply them to all boys when only a percentage is in place it is a pathetic load of rubbish!

Boy bullies resort to psychical dispute while girl bullies resort to verbal abuse. Each is as bad as another, when it comes down to it neither one should be classified nasty, but both of them.

If you are a girl and think that I am carrying on about nothing, and that this is just a stupid boy throwing a tantrum then get this. This is to you!
If girls are so intelligent then why do they:

Call people gay for wearing a backpack-This is a disgrace to gay people and also shows that girl who said it had no meaning of the word. Gay is not the term for someone who wheres a backpack! If you disagree then I say that you should Google Gay, you will not find stories about backpacks!

Call people gay when they first lay eyes on you-This again is a disgrace to the gay community out there, and another mishap over the word. Do girls not realise what gay means, and if they do then why do they insist on using it in the wrong way!

Not good at comebacks-Apparently said a girl, that I am not good at comebacks. Well what is it, not good at comebacks? Or just can’t be bothered arguing with someone who will think their opinion no matter what you say, to them, you as the boy are the stupid one. So therefore they take no notice of what you say, they take it all as rubbish.

Only good at one thing- When a girl stated that I was only good at one thing and nothing else I was enraged. Who were you to tell me what I was good at? You don’t even know me! This is a new school and has only been the first few weeks, do not make stupid assumptions!
OK then, we can think like this! In the long run when it comes down to it, if you think about it no one is good at anything! There is always someone in the world that can do something you can do, and better.

The Rock and the after talk: A girl threw a rock at a tree near our bush walking group, it bounced off the tree and hit me fair in the head. Now I don’t know about you, but if girls were intelligent wouldn’t that mean that they would have thrown the golf ball sized rock away from the group? Or not have thrown it at all?
Then what I don’t get is that afterwards a girl comes and asked me if it hurt. If girls are so intelligent then why ask a stupid question?! Did it hurt? A rock the size of a golf ball just flew into my head and I have a huge lump here, what do you think!?

Immature: Now apparently girls mature quicker than boys. Well if they are so mature how come 3 grade 6 girls shot spitballs at a relief teachers car! Do mature people do that? I don’t think so!

Travel Alone: In class the other day a girl was asked to take something to another class, she refused to go alone. She just wanted to go with a friend, but the teacher refused the request. Then she decided to take the item to the class, but came back with it in her hands saying, “Please can I take her with me, I don’t want to go into the class.” Then a boy stuck his hand up and said, “I’ll take it there,” the moment he said that the girl said, “no no I’ll take it.” The teacher let the boy take it, he went there and came back empty handed without the ‘I need a friend’ crap.
If girls are so intelligent then why do they need 2 of them to take a piece of paper to another class room!!! Yet it took 1 boy to get the messege there and come back in half the time it took her to come back with the paper still in her hands!

Now if you are a girl and read this, you could be thinking. Well that is only some girls, well! I’ll do what some girls do to me and apply it to all girls! Thinking that you are one of these so called intelligent beings.

So see? In the end some girls can be bad too, but I could be cruel and nasty and apply them to all girls, treating them the way I treat all girls. But I don’t, so why should those girls out there.
I believe that both boys and girls are equal, neither is better than one another. One does one thing another does another.
I mean without one or the other nothing is going to happen!
The human race would of been erased from history ages ago.

So from now on, stop treating me and other boys out there like human dogs.
They could be more intelligent than you think or they may become the smartest in their class.

Or some of them may have feelings, but do what you would usually do and apply it to all boys.