A Paradox of Thinking

Hello there!

Here’s some more things to add to the list of thinking.

Imagine nature, the trees, birds, waterfalls, the sun, space, etc . . .
But now think of us! We have computers that respond to zeros and ones, we have cars which use explosions to move along, we have huge chunks of metal weighing tonnes and yet there they are, flying through the sky. Now yes, you could think, so what.
But just think deeply, come to the sudden realiseation.

The human race never thinks to remember that we are infact animals. We are animals on this planet too, simply and obviously more evolved than other species.
But the thing that marvels me is all this technology. Think of it now, you are using a computer which is all these little wires connecting to different spots, that computer is recieving information from the internet cable or wireless, the computer is getting information from the internet which is all these different servers of online gobbly goop hosting all the memory sending it to different computers which comes to the computer as binary code which looks like this: 101010111010101010101011010101011101010101110101010101010101001001010101001
Then it reads it all, understanding it then decoding it into english which you are reading right now.
When you close the internet window the computer is sending a comand like the above binary.

Now think of another technology marvel, one that millions of people use today. When you listen to music through earphones or speakers have you ever thought what they actually are. Speakers are a piece of virbrating metal. Which virbrates in different ways to make different sounds.
Same with earphones, tiny pieces of metal inside those white earbuds that virbrate.

Now think of who the hell would have even thought about all this stuff!!!!
How on earth did the first digital device come up???
Who would have thought that plugging a few wires into different spots and the more complicated the wiring system and blah gobbly glop!!!

I cannot type it up anymore, my mind is going way to fast for me and I have no idea how I could explain my thoughts any more than I have.


See ya

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