Okay, I’ve fixed up this blog, all the others I haven’t fixed up yet,
I’ve noticed that since I’ve fixed it up the Header seems to have a different colour than what it’s meant to match up with, again, I’ll work on it another time.

Theme Error

Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed the theme seems to have completely vanished, there are only some parts that still remain, don’t worry it’s not your computer failing to load the page, the host that has the pictures for the theme has obviously gone offline.

Don’t worry people, I’ll be attempting to fix this problem soon.

See ya later!


P.S. Merry Christmas

Welcome To Ben A Ball Gamers Spot!

Hey everybody!Welcome to Ben A Ball Gamers Spot where you can play games, review games, talk about Xbox 360, Xbox and Wii games.

My biggest gaming this year has been in Halo 3 and shortly will also be Halo ODST, so you can be sure to get quite alot on these two games until further on.


Ben A Ball,


Christmas is NEAR!


Christmas is near, and at last the year, has come to a slowing stop.
I’m typing this, reasonably quick, as I suck my lollipop.

Santa comes to the tree, formally, wearing his big read suit.
Then back to his sleigh, in a magical way and off to the sky he shoots.

To another house he goes, and into the house he went,
Down the chimmney as per usual, well at least to some extent.

I rush down to the tree, early as I do, and yes here’s my gift its a . . . a!

Now one must never be upset with what they are given,
Just be thankful for . . .

I don’t believe it!!!

Santa has given me a $5 note!! The Lazy Sod!!!

This sucks!!

Joking people!
In case you think I’m trying to pick on people!

Cheese Weekly

BGTN is being delayed! Yes Delayed!
Why you ask? Well!

Ben is currently working on a news show
called ‘Cheese Weekly’ that will be performed
live on the 3rd of December for the Grade 7’s

Basically it has the same characteristics as BGTN,
Fake Ads, Arguments. But this news show has an
actual team behind it, instead of 1 person . . .

Here’s the team!

Trey- Sports, Sketch
Hayden- Sports
Will- Weatherman, Sketch
Daniel- Finance, Reporter, Sketch
Nic- Reporter, Sketch
Hugh- Sketch,
Ben- Editing, Scripting, Host

(Okay I know what your thinking . . . ‘Gawd Ben is a control freak’)



The moment you’ve all not-really been waiting for,
I announce, to you, the not-greatest, not-amazingest thing in the whole entire history of not-so-good things!!!

So I can finally rip up the under construction sign and get on with explaining the updates!!!

Firstly you would have noticed that the Ben A Ball Blog now looks a whole lot better! I’ve spent ages fixing this up so I hope you enjoy it.

Secondly I hope you enjoy the brand new Ben A Ball Blogs, Ben A Ball Music and Ben A Ball Developer.

Ben A Ball Music is a music review blog that has music videos, lyrics, reviews and ratings for different songs. Hope you enjoy the work put into it.

Ben A Ball Developer is the blog for those wanting to create all sorts of different stuff. From making hidden compartments with tissue boxes to making your own games and software.

So I hope.

After all the effort.