Blog Under Redevelopment

Everyone!!! Listen!!!

Many of the Ben A Ball websites are unaccessable for the time being as they undergo a massive redevelopment. They are being done up with new themes and stuff and it may take some time before they come back online.

But never fear! There is stuff to prepare I’d better hurry off and get back to work!
When the update is done you all will be gunned.
(No don’t worry, soz, only thing that I could think of at the time that rhymed . . . If you have an idea feel free to comment and tell me)

When the update is released so will Ben A Ball Music and Ben A Ball Developer.




Id like to welcome you to Ben A Ball Music.
Here is where you can get reviews on different music, get lyrics, watch music videos etc.I’d like to thank the contributers that have offered(been forced) to help with the posts on this website. Thanks alot.Well enjoy Ben A Ball music, and I hope that you find another song that sticks in your head.



I’d like to welcome you to Ben A Ball Developer!!!
Ever wanted to make your own software, games, snazzy cardboard structures, iPhone apps, iMac applications???

This is the place to do it.
Ben A Ball developer gives those that wish a chance to actually make their own software and so forth.
With video tutorials it makes it easy for you to make your own software, inventions and more.

So please enjoy.


Blog Updates

There are a few things that are going on.

1st is Ben A Ball GamerSpot has been put offline for awhile as it is being redeveloped with a brand new look!

2nd is the Calendar at the bottom of the posts, showing upcoming events to this blog and some HOPEFULs . . .

3rd is a HOPEFUL!!! The blog may recieve a brand new look!!! Thats right a complete re-themeing. If you would like to get a sneak-peek of what the new look will be like then head over to The Ben A Ball Test Blog, you haven’t heard of it before because I’ve hidden it. The Ben A Ball Test blog is where I test all widgets, themes, pictures etc. before sticking it to the main page.
Click Here to head over the the Ben A Ball Test blog and see how the work is going.
The Ben A Ball Test blog will only be avaliable for viewing for a short time, then it will be unaccessable until another time.



Ben A Ball Music?

Hey people! Now just wondering, I had an idea that I could make a Ben A Ball Music section of the so far larger growing chain of Ben A Ball webblogs. But I would like to know if you would want to have a Ben A Ball Music Section. Please vote, get your say. In the left collum scroll down and underneath the Ben A Ball Chatbox and vote in the poll. Thanks,

Free Photoshop Software! Paint.Net! started off as a replacement for the Microsoft Paint software, but became much more. With photo editing abilities it nearly matches Adobe Photoshop and is free. Rotate images, cut, move and paste. Get’s some time to get use to the controls but in the end it’s worth it!

Above is a picture I made using Paint.Net
Compatible with: Windows
Size: 1.5mb-1500kb
File Type: ZIP, Inside is the install package
Publisher: Rick BrewsterVisit their webpage!
There you can download it.
Or you can download it by clicking ‘DOWNLOAD’ below.