Christmas is NEAR!


Christmas is near, and at last the year, has come to a slowing stop.
I’m typing this, reasonably quick, as I suck my lollipop.

Santa comes to the tree, formally, wearing his big read suit.
Then back to his sleigh, in a magical way and off to the sky he shoots.

To another house he goes, and into the house he went,
Down the chimmney as per usual, well at least to some extent.

I rush down to the tree, early as I do, and yes here’s my gift its a . . . a!

Now one must never be upset with what they are given,
Just be thankful for . . .

I don’t believe it!!!

Santa has given me a $5 note!! The Lazy Sod!!!

This sucks!!

Joking people!
In case you think I’m trying to pick on people!

Gex in 5 Weeks Til Xmas Part 5 FINAL

This is the final Gex in 5 Weeks Til Xmas comic strip.
Next week (The week that Christmas is in!!!) the Gex poster will be released along with the brand new Gex coloured Christmas adventure ‘The Last Gift’

Come here next week to download the Christmas poster.
If your a friend or relative remember to order your copy of the comic!
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Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Doctor Who Dreamland!!! What a disappointment!!!

I do not believe it.

That was possibly the worst Doctor Who episode that I have ever and will ever see in my entire life. It was absolutely terrible!!! How on earth did they think of making such a thing?

The image above is a snapshot of the Doctor Who episode called ‘Dreamland.’
It’s an animated episode of Doctor Who made by BBC, It was an absolute disgrace to the proper Doctor Who show!!! It was terrible!

It was like watching Jimmy Netron on steroids with plastic surgery.

The show contained too many chases and ‘action,’
The Doctor gets away and then he’s caught again, he gets away, and gets caught again, he gets away and gets caught again. It’s too repetitive!!!

And the animation was choppy in some parts and really, it doesn’t work.

Doctor Who + Animation = Absolute Rubbish!!!
The images above may look good, heh heh heh. It’s not, once you watch the show you get the full gist of it, sometimes the voice doesn’t seem to go with the character, the voice and lips move at the same time but it just doesn’t seem right.
It takes place in America, it seems to me that doing the episode in animation is because America would never let Britan ‘mock’ America.

I cannot believe that I watched it, I’m pretty let down now.
The voice of the Doctor is David Tennant’s but the animation, the show just doesn’t work unless it’s the real David on set.

I rate it a -2/10, Yes I’ve gone minus!
If this was an audio tape or a radio thing I may rate it higher because the sound is as good as it gets.

On the bright side BBC released their new 2010 Doctor Who Logo:

They are going to use it on the last 3 special episodes of David Tennant’s series.
Then from 2010 onward with the the new role Matt Smith they are going to use the logo and insigna.

For more on the logo and insignia CLICK HERE>

Thanks All.


Interesting Points About Religion

Okay! Now I am not going to be picking on anyone or anything.
None of that stuff.

I’m just mentioning a few things about religion that I find interesting.
People may comment and list a few more interesting points about it as well.
Keep in mind any comments offending anyone, (Not that I can talk) will be deleted.


The 1st thing that I find interesting about religion is to do with the storyline.

In the Christian storyline a Great Flood was sent by God to remove evil from the world, this brings in the story of Noah’s Ark. The man who built a giant ship and went round the entire Earth gathering 2 of every animal.

The interesting point here is that 2 of an animal would not bring back the species. There would be mutations and relatives would be mating with relatives and it would all go crazy and that beautiful deer over there would be standing there with 5 legs.
Whether the number of animals has been changed because of translation error, I wouldn’t know.

The other interesting point to do with the Great Flood is that the Chinese religious storyline also speaks of a Great Flood. Which leads to the conclusion that the Great Flood was historical event.
Whether to do with God or a natural disaster.

Now moving on.

Interesting point to do with Christmas and Easter.
We are always being told that on Christmas day, Jesus was born.
In fact he was born late November, far from the 25Th of December.
Easter is supposed to be the date of his death/rebirth. But the date of Easter changes every year.
The reason for this is due to the Romans.
During the time of the Romans there was a lot of forced beliefs and so forth, the Romans believed that Christian was the true religion. So off they went, converting countries and countries of people to Christian.
They came across a group of people they had a hard time converting. These people were Pagans.

In order to convert the Pagans the Romans had to adapt some of the Pagans traditions, Easter and Christmas. Easter is a celebration that changes according to the moon cycle.
Not the death or resurrection of Jesus.

In a way it’s made it all quite confusing.

But very interesting indeed.

If there is a God floating around,

What would he say about all this?

Hayfever! Oh Brilliant!

Hey there!

Anyone here got hayfever?
I do and it’s really becoming a real pain!
It picks the days that your sitting in a classroom, maths, humanities,
Or it picks the day that you host assembly or your cooking and end up
sneezing all over your food.

Why it’s called hayfever I’m still trying to figure out,
Because what sets it off isn’t hay, it’s pollen, dust and any other
piece of grit that can blow into my nose and cause a nuisance.
All It takes is one thing to set me off then WHAM there goes my week,
I’m cursed to sniffing, snorting, sneezing and a bunch of other words
starting with ‘s’ all week.
And I roll around at night frustrated with this itchy, blocked running
nose that keeps being completely pathetic.

And I don’t know why, but my hayfever appears to be a super evolved
evil fever that can withstand anything.

The nose sprays don’t work, the tablets don’t work every medication
doesn’t work. Brillant isn’t it.

I’ll probaly have to put up with this mongrel all night and throught

Yours Frustrated