NOW! Bring it ON!!!!

For a bit of a game I’ve made it so you have to make up a word and what its meaning is.
Anything silly will be deleted the person with the best will get their name on their own post
please type a nickname or something or else i cannot do the post (it would be stupid with name anonymous) any ways

Good luck,

Examples: like Benology, the study of Bens. Discology, the study of Discos, be creative!


Who will win.
Vote for what you think is the best out of.

Captin underpants


Just annoying

Rica rotta great robot

Make you vote you can vote as many times as you like i’ll tally the votes Dec 25 and i’ll say which one won the vote which ever one gets the most votes there will be a picture of that book on my site.HAPPY VOTING