Leavers’ Tribute – 2011 – DVD

Disks have been sent out to those who ordered them. – Update May 2012

For 2011’s Grade 10 leavers, Paul, Sam and Myself have produced a special Leavers’ Tribute DVD, it costs $10 and has been available by getting an order form at the office.

Firstly if you’re not a Grade 10 Leaver, you should wait until later this year, 2012, we’re not going to send you the DVD as you can collect them from school. As for the Grade 10s, if you grabbed an order form from the office, all you need to do is fill it out, and post to the school’s address with the title “Leavers’ Tribute DVD

If you didn’t get an order form . . . Grab yourself a piece of paper and write the following:

Full Name:
Address / Postal Address:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Secret Word:

The SECRET WORD is a phrase or code word that only YOU know. So write down a copy for yourself and stash it in your bedroom. This secret word is in case you need to contact us about your disc.

Once you’ve got $10 and the order form or above equivalent send it to the school’s address titled: “Leavers’ Tribute DVD


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