BGTN S01-Episode 5


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I tell you the truth about Web Cams, I pick on BLOCKED and those annoying computer Pop-ups.

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Now I found out the terrible truth about Web Cams, now who has a Web Cam?


Because I found out something pretty scary. If your Web Cam is connected to your computer, and your computer is connected to the internet then guess what.

Anyone anywhere in the world can be watching you through your Web Cam.


Image from Google Earth.

And I thought that having a replica of the Mona Lisa in my room was spooky, now I have to watch out for this too.

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Now have you ever got one of these?


Image taken and edited by Ben.

They are really annoying, you’ll be sitting there typing away then all of a sudden . . .


Image taken and edited by Ben.

If your really unlucky something like this will happen.


Image taken by Ben.

Now Windows Vista is a pretty big cause of many annoying pop-ups, for example when you open a program it’ll ask you if you definitely want to open the file.
Of course I want to open the file! I wouldn’t be clicking on it if I didn’t want to open it!

The other problem is that Windows XP and Vista have so many different versions, for example Windows Vista has:

Can’t they stick with the one type?!


Then again sometimes I think that an Apple is the way to go.

Now for those that don’t know Apple is a company, not a food, and they make your iPhones, iPods and they have been around for quite a while.

Now on an Apple iMac, you get less error messages and dialogs than you do on Windows XP or Vista. And Personally I think that is the way to go.

Now when I was doing my interest study I had a lot of error messages that kept interrupting me.
I made a video of this. But I cannot stick it on the website.

Next Time On BGTN:
BGTN gets a new look and new series.
I have a closer look at BLOCKED
And surprise surprise guess who this is.

That’s all for today’s show!
The next BGTN will be a new series . . .

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BGTN-S01 Episode 4

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Kevin Rudd declares war on Toilet Paper,
And those terrorists are at it again this time in our gaming consoles.
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Now Kevin Rudd has declared war on toilet paper.
Which I find hard to believe considering the fact that he was handing out these in 2007 . . .

Image from web, edited by Ben.
But anyways. He’s not just picking on ordinary toilet paper,

He’s picking on Camouflage toilet paper,
And sudoku toilet paper,
He’s picking on dollar bill toilet paper,
And MP3 player toilet paper,
And cactus toilet paper,
And Cheese grater toilet paper . . .
Images above from the web.
Kevin Rudd says that “Toilet paper uses too much of Australia’s Woodland, No More Toilet Paper!”
So he has launched a new “No Toilet Paper” Campaign.
Brendan Nelson reckons that Kevin has just opened the campaign so that he can watch everyone walk around funny.
But who knows.
Maybe it’s a cross for the toilet paper . . .
Don’t worry, the story above is NOT true. Phew!

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Those terrorists are at it again this time in our gaming consoles.
These gaming consoles are only some of the consoles that have been equipped with deadly weapons. Terrorists have planted gases and bombs in the controllers of some of those gaming consoles.

Now the first stage of the terrorist controllers is gases.
Flammable gases will spurt out of the controller, this is probably why you cannot see the television screen . .  .
Image taken and edited by Ben.
I recommend that you get out quickly. Because the next stage is the bomb, it blows up the gases around you and causes a massive explosion . . .

That’s all for today’s show!
Next time on BGTN those annoying computer messages . . .

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