The Verbal Dispute

Because of a teacher this topic has been brought to my attention yet again. This time I have something to say about it, instead of leaving it for my mind to wander on yet again in a flooded pool of darkened afterthoughts.

Now as apparently facts show, boys are left less intelligent than that of girls. Because they lack social skills, maturing at a slower rate and etc. Now I do not mind that the facts have stated that a percentage of boys are like this, but what I don’t stand for is when girls take this facts and think that it applies to all boys.

If you are a teacher, not to be offensive but I find that the female teachers state this more, is that girls are the easiest to control but the boys are the nightmares, which always resort to violent means to solve their problems. You may think that this is because they are not intelligent enough to resort to verbal negotiation, instead leading to progress their feelings in a physical manner.
Again, I do not mind this fact, as in some cases this is true, but when a teacher says that all boys are less intelligent and are violent, and starts treating all boys the same way, I do not stand for it.

I do not like to be verbally teased and treated as I am a stupid insignificant pest, nor would any other boy. Yet I know boys that aren’t teased and treated stupid, in the same class, but still girls insist of pestering me and others, why some boys aren’t pestered I yet to know but I am getting sick of this useless commenting and go-about.
I am not stating that all girls are like this, but I believe that when they take facts and apply them to all boys when only a percentage is in place it is a pathetic load of rubbish!

Boy bullies resort to psychical dispute while girl bullies resort to verbal abuse. Each is as bad as another, when it comes down to it neither one should be classified nasty, but both of them.

If you are a girl and think that I am carrying on about nothing, and that this is just a stupid boy throwing a tantrum then get this. This is to you!
If girls are so intelligent then why do they:

Call people gay for wearing a backpack-This is a disgrace to gay people and also shows that girl who said it had no meaning of the word. Gay is not the term for someone who wheres a backpack! If you disagree then I say that you should Google Gay, you will not find stories about backpacks!

Call people gay when they first lay eyes on you-This again is a disgrace to the gay community out there, and another mishap over the word. Do girls not realise what gay means, and if they do then why do they insist on using it in the wrong way!

Not good at comebacks-Apparently said a girl, that I am not good at comebacks. Well what is it, not good at comebacks? Or just can’t be bothered arguing with someone who will think their opinion no matter what you say, to them, you as the boy are the stupid one. So therefore they take no notice of what you say, they take it all as rubbish.

Only good at one thing- When a girl stated that I was only good at one thing and nothing else I was enraged. Who were you to tell me what I was good at? You don’t even know me! This is a new school and has only been the first few weeks, do not make stupid assumptions!
OK then, we can think like this! In the long run when it comes down to it, if you think about it no one is good at anything! There is always someone in the world that can do something you can do, and better.

The Rock and the after talk: A girl threw a rock at a tree near our bush walking group, it bounced off the tree and hit me fair in the head. Now I don’t know about you, but if girls were intelligent wouldn’t that mean that they would have thrown the golf ball sized rock away from the group? Or not have thrown it at all?
Then what I don’t get is that afterwards a girl comes and asked me if it hurt. If girls are so intelligent then why ask a stupid question?! Did it hurt? A rock the size of a golf ball just flew into my head and I have a huge lump here, what do you think!?

Immature: Now apparently girls mature quicker than boys. Well if they are so mature how come 3 grade 6 girls shot spitballs at a relief teachers car! Do mature people do that? I don’t think so!

Travel Alone: In class the other day a girl was asked to take something to another class, she refused to go alone. She just wanted to go with a friend, but the teacher refused the request. Then she decided to take the item to the class, but came back with it in her hands saying, “Please can I take her with me, I don’t want to go into the class.” Then a boy stuck his hand up and said, “I’ll take it there,” the moment he said that the girl said, “no no I’ll take it.” The teacher let the boy take it, he went there and came back empty handed without the ‘I need a friend’ crap.
If girls are so intelligent then why do they need 2 of them to take a piece of paper to another class room!!! Yet it took 1 boy to get the messege there and come back in half the time it took her to come back with the paper still in her hands!

Now if you are a girl and read this, you could be thinking. Well that is only some girls, well! I’ll do what some girls do to me and apply it to all girls! Thinking that you are one of these so called intelligent beings.

So see? In the end some girls can be bad too, but I could be cruel and nasty and apply them to all girls, treating them the way I treat all girls. But I don’t, so why should those girls out there.
I believe that both boys and girls are equal, neither is better than one another. One does one thing another does another.
I mean without one or the other nothing is going to happen!
The human race would of been erased from history ages ago.

So from now on, stop treating me and other boys out there like human dogs.
They could be more intelligent than you think or they may become the smartest in their class.

Or some of them may have feelings, but do what you would usually do and apply it to all boys.



Shock Utilities


Now this is something I like! For those that don’t have Windows Vista or a iMac this software will give you the power of Windows Switcher- From Microsoft Windows Vista or Expose from Apple iMac Leopard. Also there are other choices of looks and feels of the windows chooser.
This is a handy tool for people that have multiple windows open at once, Simply use the hot key or press the button in the toolbar and you can flick through all your windows easily.

??? ?? ???

Download it at this website all the details are on their website, you can download it in ZIP or EXE file. If you do not want to go to the website, scroll down to the bottom of this post to download it from this blog.


Another one of my favourites from is Shock 4Way, which is a virtual desktop manager which allows you to have different applications running in different windows, Again you can change its appearance to the Apple iMac Leopard virtual window type theme, a cube theme and you can even assign different wallpapers to each window.
You can say be Chatting with MSN in one window while browsing the web on another.??? ?? ???

Download it at this website all the details are on their website, you can download it in ZIP or EXE file. If you do not want to go to the website, scroll down to the bottom of this post to download it from this blog.

Compatible with: Windows


File type: ZIP


Or download it at the proper website:

File type: ZIP


Or download it at the proper website:


Free Photoshop Software! Paint.Net! started off as a replacement for the Microsoft Paint software, but became much more. With photo editing abilities it nearly matches Adobe Photoshop and is free. Rotate images, cut, move and paste. Get’s some time to get use to the controls but in the end it’s worth it!

Above is a picture I made using Paint.Net
Compatible with: Windows
Size: 1.5mb-1500kb
File Type: ZIP, Inside is the install package
Publisher: Rick BrewsterVisit their webpage!
There you can download it.
Or you can download it by clicking ‘DOWNLOAD’ below.



Time is short, and long. It changes.

Time has been growing quicker by the second, it never goes back, it keeps on going. But no one thought about the fact that time doesn’t exist. The sun doesn’t exist, there is no such thing. They are just words that we called stuff. The human named the tree, the sun, the sky, the time and the moments that fly by.

Did you imagine this, people that do not know a language. How do their thoughts wonder. How do they think if you don’t know a language. When we make mental notes we think in our mind ‘Right I have to do this today . . .’ but what do those with no language think? What do they think I ask you?

Do you think of the fact that right now when I am typing this, that I am thinking of what you would think of it. I’m imagining that some people think I’m crazy, not with it, have no idea what I’m on about. Some will be really into what I am saying and are reading every word with interest.

So from now on, whatever you are doing. Just think. Think of it, right now you could be doing all kinds of things. You may be famous in one world, or a graffiti artist in the next, in one world I may be typing something completely different. I may be typing about how I hate people who think about stuff to often. I might be that sort of a person.

Also when you walk down the street. Something you haven’t done since you were little is think about each step you take. Try it, each step, concentrate on the step you take.