A Promise

Now when you ask someone to do something for you, like not give something to someone, not to post that picture of you on MySpace. etc.
Then they say, “Okay, I won’t.”
You feel though you can trust them, they promised they wouldn’t.
But then a week later they kick it all in your face.
You find they did exactly what you asked them not to.

Now if you asked them not to do it for a reason, lets say there are people in the photo that haven’t given permission to be posted on a website, or there are people in a video that haven’t granted permission for other people to watch it.

Even with all this.

It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is you went against my word, you said, “Okay I won’t,”
Both of you did.

And yet you went against my word, thinking, ‘Its okay, he won’t know.’

Well I ask,

Would it be okay for me to post pictures of you on websites and not tell you, oh, of course, you think its okay, as long as you don’t know.

Would it be okay for you to ask me not to post a video of you on YouTube and I say okay, but then go and do it anyway.

So much for that trust.

I hope your reading. You know who you are.

And even if your not the person I’m talking about.

Learn from it.