Cheese Weekly

BGTN is being delayed! Yes Delayed!
Why you ask? Well!

Ben is currently working on a news show
called ‘Cheese Weekly’ that will be performed
live on the 3rd of December for the Grade 7’s

Basically it has the same characteristics as BGTN,
Fake Ads, Arguments. But this news show has an
actual team behind it, instead of 1 person . . .

Here’s the team!

Trey- Sports, Sketch
Hayden- Sports
Will- Weatherman, Sketch
Daniel- Finance, Reporter, Sketch
Nic- Reporter, Sketch
Hugh- Sketch,
Ben- Editing, Scripting, Host

(Okay I know what your thinking . . . ‘Gawd Ben is a control freak’)


A Coloured Christmas Adventure! Tis Here!

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Be with Gex as he discovers a problem with his present from Santa and encounters a person who loves bombs so much . . . he’s given them to everyone.
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Click the link above to go the the contact form.
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Have the subject as ‘ME WANT COMIC’
And we’ll how we can go about getting the comic to you.