Hayfever! Oh Brilliant!

Hey there!

Anyone here got hayfever?
I do and it’s really becoming a real pain!
It picks the days that your sitting in a classroom, maths, humanities,
Or it picks the day that you host assembly or your cooking and end up
sneezing all over your food.

Why it’s called hayfever I’m still trying to figure out,
Because what sets it off isn’t hay, it’s pollen, dust and any other
piece of grit that can blow into my nose and cause a nuisance.
All It takes is one thing to set me off then WHAM there goes my week,
I’m cursed to sniffing, snorting, sneezing and a bunch of other words
starting with ‘s’ all week.
And I roll around at night frustrated with this itchy, blocked running
nose that keeps being completely pathetic.

And I don’t know why, but my hayfever appears to be a super evolved
evil fever that can withstand anything.

The nose sprays don’t work, the tablets don’t work every medication
doesn’t work. Brillant isn’t it.

I’ll probaly have to put up with this mongrel all night and throught

Yours Frustrated