Sexist TV Shows

Now before someone thinks, “Oooh! I’m going to like this post!” just make sure that you have read the title properly and that you haven’t mis-read it. It is Sexist TV Shows.


This whole thought started after watching two TV shows on ABC a moment ago, now I’m not saying ‘Let’s take legal action’ or any of that jargon, everyone seems to think it’s a normal fine TV show, but whenever I come across a TV show with this stuff I find it offensive.

What is it?

It’s how boys and girls are always fighting over which one is the best or who is the smarter, and always ends up favouring the girls.
And no, this is not a boy throwing a tantrum, this is a boy typing up what appears to be a tantrum but is really a lot of thought pre-defined then packed into 7 odd paragraphs.
I’m not saying to make girls appear the stupid ones, nor the boys be the careless ones, because either way I find it offensive, stop picking on one another!
I’ve said it in the past, but neither one is better than the other.
And neither one is ‘dumber’ or ‘stupider’ than another, the words are quoted because kids at school always use these to express people.

No one is ‘dumber’ or ‘stupider’ or ‘smarter’ than anyone, being smart isn’t always dependant on your knowledge, but how your brain sees the world and how you cope and react in different situations. A person could know a lot, but be very lacking in the social area and may faulter under pressure, where as a person who doesn’t know that much may have a large strength in social activity and can easily go under pressure.
There is a lot to take into account before you go name calling ‘dumber’,’stupider’ or ‘smarter.’

And TV shows make boys act completely idiotic and always seem to want to ruin everything the so ‘perfect’ girl heroes of the show do, but always fail because the girls somehow have some other way to counter attack it.
Gah! It’s a mongrel nuisance! Boys aren’t so bad once you start hitting High School aye girls, nah! But no, that’s the way the train rolls down the hill.

Hmmm, I feel like Selby in a way talking about how not all dogs are drooling hairballs chasing after sticks in the backyard . . .


You get the message,

Stop picking on the different genders!

Or am I the only civilised one.

(With many minor spelling issues)