A Violent Race


Whether you are religious or not you have to accept the fact that we are animals on this Earth,

Whether you are religious or not you have to accept the face that we are violent,

And that we always have been.

Through our time here we have cut off hands, burnt ‘witches’, cut out tongues, tortured people, slaughtered millions in blood thirsty wars, and brought war upon people that were simply different to us.

But the only thing I need to say that proves that we are a violent race.
Is that we have weapons.

One sentence, and it has just said everything that a long list of things could have done.

A peaceful, happy, kind race would not have weapons, we wouldn’t need them.

We are animals with violence built into our instinct just like every animal on this Earth, if you did not notice, the wilderness isn’t a peace loving kind place, animals slaughter each other to survive, to eat, to live. It’s the way it works.

You can’t for one minute tell me that this world is a world of peace.
Violence is control. Yet violence is corruption.

This instinct takes place when you are angry, when someone annoys you so much, they are right in that gritty hatred part of your mind and you just want to pound your fist into their face.
There is the instinct coming through.

Some people go home and punch their pillow and scream, this is releasing that instinctual urge to fight. And making you feel better.

Others go off and take it out on the person that annoys them while the final few either don’t care what people say or they have enough friends that one person doesn’t matter.

Now true that it is that boys are more violent than girls, mainly to do with the fact that in the wild males would fight over females. So it’s just fitting that the males are more aggressive to resort to physical violence.
But girls still can get aggressive, showing that this violent instinct is getting worse amoungst humans.

It is hopefull, but if we hold back when we feel like punching that person’s face in, if we don’t just fight to try and be more popular, like the animals in the wild do.
Then it is possible that we could mentally evolve into a race that does not require violent conflict to solve a problem.

If only.

If only.