Let’s think, twice

I just got back from Queensland, going to themeparks, and absorbing the sun.
There was one ride however, that I went on when I got back home, it was chained with a lock, and before I could ride it I needed to find the key.

The ride showed me myself, I watched the rollercoaster slowly climb to the top, then quickly, it came speeding down.
Sometimes it looped around, sometimes it didn’t, other times it made you feel sick.

If you are a clever cookie you would have linked the above to ‘life.’
‘Life is like a rollercoaster’ you’ve gotta have heard that one before, the truth is, life IS like a rollercoaster. It’s ups and downs, but also, if your too scared to ride the rollercoaster, you never get to experience how exciting it may be, how fun it might become.
I’ll let you ponder on that, for now I’m moving on to a few things I find interesting.

The human mind, isn’t it interesting how we think, how we hear a voice in our head saying every word we read. Noticed that? And who’s voice is it that you hear?
If you are reading something that YOU are writing the voice you hear is your own, if you are reading something a friend wrote you may have your voice in your head, but most likely, the voice you hear reading it out, is the friends voice.
If you are reading a story, say the line:
…”George, the boats about to go!” said Sam… often subconsciously you will use a voice of someone you know, without even realizing it.

Another thing, labelling.
Your brain labels people you meet and know. (…okay, go on, say ‘duh’)
Take this for example. Imagine a person called Red.
Now let’s say Red makes you laugh a few times, let’s say 4-7.
You may not remember what he said to make you laugh, but all you remember is that you found it funny, there by labelling Red ‘funny’.
You don’t even need to make them laugh all the time anyways, if you make someone laugh quite a bit quite recently, your past gets shoved beside you, you are labelled ‘funny’ for your recent funny jokes or gesture.
However, if you’ve only made them laugh a few times, let’s say 2 times, the first time they laughed really hard the second not so much. Because the most recent one that made you laugh wasn’t as funny, and they haven’t made you laugh alot, you don’t labeled as ‘funny.’

Are you following? It can get confusing and I could have written lots more on labelling, but one more thing.

This works for other things to. You might label someone a ‘good speller’ because they helped you with spelling a few times, you don’t remember exactly what spelling words they were, only that they helped you.

Off the labeling topic.

Now think of a movie you’ve watched.
Imagine Shrek, or Nemo, even a TV show will do.
You thinking about the show/movie?
Get this. Where did you watch the movie?
Notice that when you think about the movie or show you watched you don’t image the TV or the stuff surrounding the TV, or even the room you are sitting in. The image in your head is trimmed down and is as clear. Even if you watched it on a small TV, your brain patches it up and shows it to you as if you had placed the show in your head to watch.

Cool huh? Well I thought it was interesting, you guys probably think differently.

I had another thing that was going to say, I left a mental note, “Leave til last,”
But thinking about this other stuff has made me lost the note with what I was going to say on it.
I’ll stick it here later if I remember it….
Heh, unlikely though.

I’ll let you think on these.


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