Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is a Freeware PC security software for Windows, featuring a fully operational firewall, antivirus, program sandbox and a computer defence program.

It’s an all in one lifesaver.

This is the perfect security solution for home and business users, with options for both the simple and advanced in any home.

Trust me from my view, my laptop was literally on the way down before I installed Comodo, my previous antivirus which I had paid for wasn’t working at all and kept closing and having errors, I figured that I would have to reinstall the whole operating system.
Before I went to the last straw, I decided to try out Comodo. It saved the day.
It instantly sealed up all the gaps that malware uses, it detected several threats, plus the firewall kicked in letting me decide which programs I trusted to connect to the internet.

I use this program as my anti-virus and firewall protection, it worked much better than a paid anti-virus and firewall did, and it was free.

Download Details:
Size: 56 MB (58,612,168 bytes)
Platform: 32-bit Windows 7 /Vista/ XP SP2
Memory: 128 RAM
Hard Disk Space: 210 MB
Type: EXE

Download it from the website here:

This definately saved me,

Hope it saves you,

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