Cracks in the Pavement of Lovers Lane

You know how at school they have that ‘strict’ policy where there’s no hugging, kissing, holding hands.
What do they call it? Something to do with no intimicy? Or something, they called it some weird name.

All I have to say is that I reckon if anything it should be made even stricter, anyone seen doing any of the above should get a lunchtime, simple as that.
I personally am sick of seeing it, everywhere you go, whether heading to drama, whether heading to maths, whether in P.E., whether leaving P.E., while I’m eating lunch, and recess. It’s poposterous.
Not only is it irritating in some cases to watch, but you look and feel a completely awkward, just when you were about to talk to someone they start hugging and whispering lovingly in each others ears, you can’t even squeeze a word in Heitenswiterzein. (Don’t bother Googling that, I made it up)

Not only that it makes all us singlies feel like absolute crap, who wouldn’t feel like crap, it practically gets rubbed in your face, even by your best friends.

And personally if I actually had the contentment of a relationship I would at least give some consideration my friends by not waving it around in front of their faces like a bull and a red cotton sheet.

Some people don’t understand how it feels because they’ve always had this stuff in their life, as an easy opportunity. They forget that some people don’t.

Another thing that peeves me off with it is how people will go out for two weeks, then break up and sob and cry and say their life is ruined. For two reasons, 1. you make relationships seem cheap and rubbish. and 2. You carry on about your life being ruined and that it sucks-sucks-sucks blah blah blah! Better to have had it then not to have had it at all.

I mean seriously, you spend time with each other all day, talk to each other constantly by text, messenger, social networking sights, after school, before school. So do you think that you could possibly cut out school days from your non-stop-full-on-contact convention?
You don’t need to be kissin’ and huggin’ all day fricking long, gawd we get the picture already, you bloody love each other, got the message as clear as day thankyou very much.

Even when you get home you get a constant reminder, logging onto Facebook and MySpace and everybodys rubbing it in your face again, like some twisted Home and Away version of cyber bullying.

Of course the schools don’t think of all this with the rule, they only have the rule to make the school ‘more proffesional’ looking because the school should be thought of as a ‘workplace environment.’

All the stuff rubbed into singlies faces, whether this stuff is good for the skin I’m yet to know, but until I find out. Meh.

I guess I’ll be standing on this musky cold train platform holding the ticket with the ‘unknown arrival time’ stamped on the front for a long, long time.

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