Relationships, Eddie’s guide to a healthy/ unhealthy diet of love and care.

I’d just like take the time to post a piece that I think was excellently written, it was written by Eddie which I’m not quite sure if he wants me to display his full name . . .

Anyways, this combines a simple logic that we all know, food, with a logic that many people (including me) have absolutely no idea about, relationships.

I think this piece will both educate you, make you giggle, and even go back for seconds!

Here it is:

“For dating purposes, just think of relationships as cuisines. 
Everything has a little bit you like and a little you don’t, you tend to ignore the bad bits, but they end up piling up in the end!  Do not simply throw the ‘bad bits’ into the bin, they would not appreciate this very much at all.  So a simple advice comes to mind when talking about relationships, the first thing to do when looking for a partner, try to look for one that at least LOOKS delicious, this way you can attempt to cover the bad things with the good, making it seem as though there is a lot less bad in the meal. 
However, do not attempt to change the meal, this will only ruin the personal flare that their personality gives to the entire cuisine, you are not Jesus, you cannot just change water into wine for kicks, remember you have your faults too.  During my personal experiences, what you really want to look for is someone who has overpowering good things, so that you can mix it with the bad.  This completely changes how you perceive the person and their mystical ways, if you still truly feel something for this ‘new’ flavour, you may have found yourself a worthy long-term partner.”

Isn’t it inspiring? That and it makes me hungry, anyways.
I’d like to thank Eddie for giving me the privilege of posting such an interesting piece.



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