RSI, Pain, Strain . . . and Teachers

It’s driving me nuts.

What is it that could drive me nuts? Apart from squirrels, who know how to drive all sorts of nuts . . . but I’m talking in the annoying idiosyncratic way. 

There are some annoying teachers out there, I’ve met quite a few!
From teachers that give lunchtimes to everyone within a 10 metre radius just because a misbehaving delinquent doesn’t do what he’s told, or other teachers with their stupid sexist crap and always go in favour of the “sweet innocent girls”, and then there’s the teachers that give you heaps to write in a short space of time, and any of the work you don’t complete becomes what has come to be known as “s#%&!” by students and “Homework” by teachers and parents.

Of course by now you would all have an idea of what teachers you hate.

The particular type of teacher I hate at the moment is the one of repetitive writing tasks, where the teacher will have a large PowerPoint presentation, and the teacher will flick through the slides, one by one, as we have to copy the writing from the projector screen, into our books. Along with the endless worksheets and short time allowances to complete a sheet.

What I am annoyed about though is this.

The other day, we were doing work on ‘paragraphs’ for apparently there are those in the class that could not bind thy words in a paragraph. *

That’s not the point though, the point is there was a lot to do in a short time, especially for a slow writer. I’m fast when it comes to typing, typing is better for me than writing with a pencil because of a thinking-to-writing-speed-ratio, with a pencil my wrist will be struggling to keep up with my brain, and often hurt a lot, it will also miss out the first and last letters of words in an attempt to keep up with the thought flow. Where as with multiple fingers, and a keyboard, I can relay message from thought to word at an incredible speed, it’s faster, it’s not messy, and there are no mistakes, and that’s not just because of the computers’ auto check.
Hmmm I went off track a bit there . . . anyways . . .

What annoyed me was 13 words in a sentence that the teacher used to answer  this question: 

“Why are we doing paragraphs? Most of us can already do paragraphs.”

What were these 13 words that annoyed me? You, the teacher, may already be reading this very blog post right now, the 13 words that annoyed me, not individually of course, but by their group make-up.

“…Because I didn’t want to put pressure on those that can’t write paragraphs…”

Yeah, don’t put the pressure on anyone do you? Have you ever thought that maybe you are putting pressure on the people that can’t write fast enough? Perhaps? Yes? No?


I am having to hold my wrists and hands every few seconds to try and ease the pain of the continuous “Writing-ular-syndrome”

Nah . . . I made that up . . .

Have to go, later on I’ll post and tell you guys why I haven’t posted in awhile . . . on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube . . . the lot.

I’ll catch you later.
(As long as your not too heavy, ‘cos I’m to weak to hold anything)

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