My Sherlock Holmes Adventure – Part 1

Hey everyone,
Now I’ve been watching a TV series called ‘Sherlock’ on TV recently, and the interesting storylines and characters instantly made me decide on attempting to write my own little Sherlock adventure, now for those that have seen the TV show, (with the dark haired Sherlock, with all the cool phone text/menu animations) the characters in this story you should picture as the ones in the show, all the extras I add in you can imagine who they look like.
Let’s begin.

My Sherlock Adventure – Part 1 – by Ben
*Creak *THUMP* *Creak* *THUMP*
*Creak *THUMP* John rests the shopping bags on the landing of the wooden staircase and crouches down with his hands on his knees to catch his breath.
“Sherlock! Can you give me a hand down here please!” He says raising his head up towards the apartment doorway.
“I’m busy!” calls Sherlock’s voice from upstairs
John sighs, “You asked for this stuff, if you want this stuff you can bring it up.”
“Oh if you insist . . . really it isn’t that much more of an effort than the last shopping trips you’ve been on.”
“Isn’t that much more?! . . .”
Sherlock rummages through the bags laying in front of John’s feet while he’s talking.
“. . . It’s more than I’d buy a family of 5 little own . . .”
Sherlock pulls out a few items, and collects them, placing them between between his elbow and his chest.
“That’s all I need,” he says walking back up the stairs.
John looks with his mouth open slightly as he watches Sherlock walk up the stairs in a hurry.
“Unbelievable . . ” John says looking back down at the bags, preparing for another climb.

After awhile John finally makes it up to the top of the stairs and drops the bags on the floor of the kitchen,
“You alright your majesty? Got everything you needed?” He says walking over and slumping down on the couch across from Sherlock.
“No actually, you forgot the 2 rolls of plumbing tape, along with the shoe polish and pack of toothpicks, you’re so unreliable I may as well start going to the shop myself,”
John rolls his eyes, then asks, “What’s with all this stuff any ways?”
“Plumber,” mutters Sherlock,
“Yes, plumber, do pay more attention.”
“What about the plumber?”
“He’s dead.”
Sherlock’s phone vibrates, making a choppy whining sound, it takes only moments for Sherlock’s face to light up as he reads the text message saying, k you can come observe the body now, and it only moments more for Sherlock to leap from his tattered armchair and run out the door towards the stairs.
“Hang on Sherlock! We have to pack these groceries in the refrigerator,”
Sherlock doesn’t stop, his footsteps still can be heard as he calls, “Just do it later!”
“They will go off if we leave them here,”
The footsteps stop, a slight sigh can be heard and the footsteps begin climbing back up the stairs until Sherlock reappears at the entrance. Sherlock then says quickly,
“Groceries happen to be very dispensable these days you can buy them on almost any street corner in central London, dead bodies however, aren’t easy to obtain, now can we please can we go, for I have a dead body to see and plumbing tape, shoe polish and toothpicks to pick up.”
Sherlock then darts out the door again, his footsteps down the stairs sounding much faster than before.
John stares at the groceries for a moment then heads out the door mumbling,
“I don’t know why I bother…”

Well there we go, Part 1.
The amount of Parts that I make to this story is up to you, I have more waiting ready to be posted, but it’s up to you to comment and tell me what you think!

Do the characters talk act as they should?
Does it give you the feeling of the show?

Also, do you have a Sherlock Holmes adventure you’d like to send me?
Up the top of this page click the “Submit a Story” and enter your story in.

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    I like it. Except for the 'anyways' and 'k'. But that's just the little pedant in my head. Ignore them. Just don't forget the Sherlock-John unresolved platonic sexual tension. DON'T FORGET IT.

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