Some Kind of Bewilderment

Juxtapose is easily
The most useful word I know.
Juxtapose anything
A myriad of macintosh,
Sly sabbatical.
Instant applause
Prizes for your clever
Which you keep in a sequinned box.
Juxtapose the
And the hollow rasp of a soulless protest.
Doesn’t matter
You just can’t
Can you see this shimmering glow
That scrapes
The cold away?
A beautiful
Juxtaposition of a tangerine and the
A fox that speaks
Sigh. So annoying.
Though I do myself,
Skip and scuffle
A way along the road
Dragging my wishful boots
– I use them to stomp feeling
Until it oozes out into the light –
Along the chalked up technicolour suggestions.
Why do they use chalk?
Oh I couldn’t say.
Don’t think that I could
Answer anything
Like that
As eloquently as I must.
I have bigger fish to fry,
Or more accurately,
Not enough time.
Because I get the feeling
I should be feeling
Or listening…?
Something good and
Suitable and
I want to
If you’d be a dear
Ask for
Any kind of Assistance there is
‘Press button for assistance’
Those people please.
Tell them
I’ve got my big toe stuck
In between a juxtaposition.

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