Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox physics game, where you can make anything you want, as long as that item is accessible. However, one of the downfalls is the number of items that you are actually allowed to have, which is not as many as you would think. The game costs $10 on its own, but does need a Source based engine to run on, such as; Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) *pack costs $25*, Day of Defeat (DoD), or Half Life (either one of the main games available as the side stories/expansions won’t work). There are many items that are creatable, such as a car (which you can spawn), and then adding some wings, rockets or various other items. Another creation, which I have made personally (and it’s really fun too), is the spawn a giant floor tile, lift it up with the gravity gun, and then attach rockets to the bottom of it, you then put a chair on top, sit in and press the designated button and wah-lah, you are now flipping through the air. Another one that I have seen, is one where you have a pole welded to the ground (yep, I said that), you put a chair in mid-air, attach it with a rope and put a small rocket onto the chair, letting the gravity go on the chair whilst you’re on it, and then starting up the rocket so that the chair swings around the pole, looked quite fun!


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A Messed Up Story About A Ruler

I was laid down on the grass, staring at the sky helplessly.
I wonder how long until the students come rushing out.

I wish rulers could wear watches.  I once saw a ruler
that had a watch around his neck.
His student said he didn’t want to lose it in PE.
This ruler looked pretty smart with that watch.

I wish my student respected me that much. I just fell out of a pencil case and left behind.
He was often careless with his school essentials. I wonder if he would remember
me. Time seemed to be ticking away so slowly. Probably a good thing I’m a plastic ruler and not one
of those hip, flexible rulers – otherwise I’d be melted into the grass by now.

“Kids – so careless these days. Litter my damn grounds” Said the groundsmen walking towards me in a
grouchy manner. He then threw me onto the concrete hoping someone would be
interested in me or maybe he just wanted me out of the way.

A boy in a blazer with a green tie came and picked me up. Together we walked back into the
entrance and towards the maths department then dropped me into a teacher’s
basket and once again left me. Why didn’t anyone want me? That boy would’ve
cherished every margin he ruled with me. I sat there for about half an hour
when the kids started strolling into class with much to say.

“I hope you remembered your rulers today, you’ll need them” said Mrs White. Rulers? Us? We
were important after all – I was important!

“Miss!” A young nice looking blonde girl who was wearing a white shirt with a green and red
tartan skirt said and shot up her hand.

“Jessica, I’ve told you to get organised for weeks now. Please tell me you have a ruler for
your class” she replied. Jessica simply nodded her head with a slight smirk.

I was peering over the basket thanks to my height. I heard and saw everything. Why
don’t rulers teach and have schools? We could learn good posture and how to put
up with the pens that draw themselves up our sides.

“Well I didn’t bring any for you knowing you’d do the wrong thing, you will learn your
lesson” Mrs White lectured.

Jessica lowered her hand and pointed to the basket sitting behind Mrs White.

“Now look who’s silly” she commented. Jessica continued pointing which put a frown
on Mrs White’s face because she knew Jessica was right. She came over and
lifted me out of the basket and passed me to the girl, so very eager to learn.
But I knew I’d be returned by the end of the day, no longer in possession of

“Make sure you return it” commented Mrs White. I then felt needed and valued. Jessica
really knew how to rule margins straight. “Right class, next week bring your
protractors for the next part of the measurement unit.” Mrs White called.

“Worst enemies” I tried to mutter but funnily enough – I don’t have a voice box.

Jessica stuffed me into her pencil case with no questions asked. From then on it was
pure black for 5 minutes while being tossed around and pushed into pens with no
lids. Ow!

Suddenly the outside world started to peel open again. Jessica’s hand reached in and
pulled me out again. I know I wanted a normal ruler life but this was too much;
she started bending me back and forth. I could see the words go in and out of
her head – ‘How far can it bend before it snaps’

then she stopped as if she realised she needed me. She then put me between two
desks and made me into bridge. Well that’s a new scenario, I thought to myself.
She put her fingers on me and danced them – singing about owls. ‘How silly’ I
wanted to say but it did give me funny feeling, I think it’s called silent

you’re so annoying!” called a guy with brown wavy hair with reasonably tanned
complexion. She got annoyed and held me up waving me in his face.

“Now you shhh Joshua otherwise Barry will go straight across your face” she warned.
Who’s Barry?

“Barry?” Joshua said as if he heard me ask the question.

“I will name all my things and my ruler’s name is Barry”

“Man,you’re weird” he sighed.  But, but I had
a name –finally! I am finally claimed after I thought I would be a spare ruler
for the rest of my life. I can see it now; I can be in a story ‘The Adventure
of Barry!’ Oh c’mon, I can dream a little.

A random guy with dark, wavy hair snooped around Jessica’s table with smug look
on his face. Too bad I can’t be taken anymore now that I’m Jessica’s ruler.
Surely he would go for the teacher’s pens; he continually stared at the
teacher’s desk.

bam! I was taken straight off Jessica’s desk as he laughed very evilly.

“Give it back Michael!” she whined.

“Don’t have it!” he yelled back. Um, forgetful much? He shoved me up his jumper. This
wasn’t going to end nicely.

“I know you have it, just give it back!” Jessica stood up, ready to pounce.

“Nah” He threw me across the room to another boy and yelled “Catch, Jim”. He was
getting ready to snap me.

My life and thoughts flashed
before my eyes.

The first time I was opened and
placed on top of some school books, the maths and art classes, when I was
dropped by that kid and picked up by the groundsmen, then found by a
responsible student and placed into the hands of a teacher, then into the care
of dear Jessica and now my life was sitting in the hands of one evil boy.

Why did I wish for excitement and a student?
Why did I bring this upon myself?
Right now I’d be glad to be lying on the grass once again – peacefully

“Don’t you dare!” Jessica shouted. Within a second I was snapped into two
and hurled into the bin with all the paper planes.
Jessica soon came along and tried to tape me back together.

“No… my ruler” she said devastated.

Without my secured limb, I had no purpose.
No one would need me once again –
all but Jessica, she wanted me.
Once again I was at peace.

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An Above Storm

He screamed at the sky, a defined ruby red,

By cause of the wind, nothing seemed said,

His voice became faded, ground into a hiss

He gave up his screams, and clenched his big fists.


Though the rain had halted, all but an hour ago

The pain he was immersed in, was terrible and slow

He then reached over, covering ample wounds,

Give him more time, he’ll flare up again soon.


He lay down and waited, the next oncoming flame,

As if it sprouted it’s way, from a large lion’s mane,

Half of his body was cool, shaded from the light,

Calm and hidden, while the other part lives the fight.


Closing his eyes, he felt the cool air passing,

No longer a burning heat, a feeling, everlasting,

His heart beat was no longer, beating within it’s cage

As his faith grew stronger, he knew he had come of age



Hey guys, Ben ‘ere

So as you would know there’s been a lot of poetry being posted on here at the moment, so I thought I’d post this just to keep everyone in their place. Remind them whose boss. *Giggles*

Nah, they’re all brilliant, and I’m honoured to have such talent producing content for this site.

I’ll be posting one of my proper Blogs later on, probably on the weekend, or sometime next week. Just depends on what luxuries time gives me. Anyways, see you then.

You Left



nothing is left

hollow thoughts


sleepless nights


daylight dies

fade to black

Your final days

one last breath

you said goodbye


you left

dressed in sorrow

the requiem plays

laid to rest

your memory remains

Peace Poem

peace is dark

peace is a hippie talking about nothing

pongs like lawn manure

life has a point if you are doing what you love

and in your mind you can touch the tip top of the world.