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THIS POST IS STICKY . . . There are probably new posts below . . . But this one is stuck up the top cos it’s important.
Hey folkies!

Sorry that I haven’t been blog posting or anything interesting recently, I’ve had, and still have, a lot to do. But enough about me, lets talk about YOU!

SO as you know I introduced the “Achievements” feature to the site awhile ago (All thanks to Paul Gibbs’s amazing plugin) which rewards you with points for different things you do on the site. From writing up posts to sending private messages, whatever it is, you get a score based on those achievements.

Well I’ve added another point system!

Why Ben? Are you trying to confuse the s#%@ out of us?

No, I’m not! I’m adding a cooler bonus for being a member of this site.

But in case you’re confused . . .

Achievement Score

    • For showing off how awesome you are
    • For showing off, AND redeeming to get items and exclusive downloads

SO! Here’s my first redeemable award that you can buy using the new Points system. The first 3 people to rack up 500 points and purchase the “Ben-A-Ball Email” item from the “Store” using those points, will receive an exclusive email address, that’s an email address with whatever you want at the start. For example, [email protected].

Interesting huh? In the sidebar you will see that there is a new “My Points” field below your score, there’s also a new “Points: x” item on the top bar. Click on the item in the top bar to find out more about earning these bizarre points. Once you have 500 points, go here, buy the email using your points, and pray that nobody has got there before you!


So just as the title reads . . . if you receive 500 points you get an email address with this site!





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