Dust :3

Kicking back in my car with beats going,
Thinking of that pretty girl.
She is the best one for me,
She is the best one for me.
Then I remember what happened,
She makes me like dust now,
I feel so alone, and cause of you, I'm standing here by myself.
Start to pull my straw coloured hair out,
I don’t know what to do anymore.
I feel like we are breaking apart like an earthquake.
You and I are like ice cream and tomato sauce now,
We just don’t go together anymore.
My father says, "You will get over her," and I say back to him:
"I don’t know if I can," and then I cry.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Storyline: You start off asleep in bed when you receive a strange telepathic message from someone who says they have been captured by an evil wizard and to come rescue them, you wake up your uncle is holding the family sword and shield he tells you to he has some business to do and for you to stay in bed and walks out the door.

Game play: In my experience this is one of the most annoying Zelda games I know due to the fact that it is extremely easy to die and magic using items chew up your magic meter really quickly and magic restoring containers are pretty scarce same with healing hearts, that’s the reason why I find it a bit annoying, on one dungeon I died about twelve times if you include the bottled fairies I had brought along with me(they bring you back to life when you die, but don’t restore any magic), this is because of two things: 1, I probably suck at the game and 2, one slip can pretty much kill you if not severely damage you and stuff you up. Having said that the story line is actually not that bad, and the game slowly gets more fun, particularly after you  pass the first three dungeons and claim the master sword, which can shoot sword beams at full health, which makes things a LOT less difficult, until you get injured.

Opinion: My opinion on this game is: the game is actually quite fun after you get used to the controls and get more items(my favorite is the fire rod) despite some of the draw backs(which I mentioned earlier), even though this is quite an old game it is still fun, hence it is safe to say(I hope it is anyway) that 1: old games are still good games and 2: the best graphics is not really necessary, (there are a lot of good games out there with graphics that most people would complain about, I don’t really give much for graphics, unless you can’t see what you are doing which is very rare)


Graphics: 3/10

Game play: 5/10

Storyline: 7/10

Fun: at first it is about 2/10 then 4/10 and finally 8/10

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(Cheaters might want to read this, there are actually cheat codes for this game such as infinite health and magic as the consoles pause allows you to add cheats in the add cheat section, what are the codes? Go find them yourself! Though please note that the magic cheat can stuff up and to fix this walk into one of the magic draining enemies and bingo fixed.)

Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie

Nintendo 64 / Xbox 360 Review

By  Crimson

Haven’t got really far in to this game but it’s retro  gold. You play as a bear with a backpack  that is inhabited by a female bird  called Kazooie.
The bear (Banjo) has to save his sister from the evil Gruntilda (one of the most evil villans in retro gaming ever) with the help of  the bird .

For its time ,the graphics are really good.  The game is all so available on Xbox 360.

BANJO KAZOOIE : N 64 – XBOX 360 Comparison

Highly recommended

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Some More Poetry

The Tormented

The rock is chilly, frozen to his core,

His heart never beats, tormented beyond help,


He twists his head, staring lonely at the wind,

a gull screams, the sea breeze calls,


He cracks once…, twice… he falls,

The Sea swallows him, He bubbles an angry bellow,


He struggles to the surface, Bubbles explode rampaging free,

He hits the oily surface, exhausting himself,

His frail body gently sinks, he cannot breathe,

He screams a pain stricken cry, then lies softly but looking faintly at the stars above.

Some Poetry

My son,

A ratbag snivelling little runt,

He can’t help putting his nose everywhere,

So many times they called,


My son,

Wicked troubling modest evil,

Why does he do all the bad things,

Why every single time,


My son,

Single daring mutant loner,

He couldn’t help himself no matter what,

I had to do something,


My son,

Sad misunderstood colossal selfish,

The window cracked…

I cracked…

One single-minded determination swallowed me,

It hit him,


My son,

Sharp-tongued witty weird disturbed,

They came with flashing lights and blue clothes,

He lied,

I lied,

He deserved justice…


It hit him


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