On a Day to Day Basis…..

Earlier, I tried to make a poll for this blog, but it didn’t work, as only admins are capable 🙁 So, what I am going to do is ask you a simple question, without the smart buttons and switches……

What do you do on a day to basis? Do you


[poll id=”4″]


*Please comment, as it is only a bit of curiosity on my part 😀

Thanks guys,


It’s Time for Change

Warning: The topic of this post is very heavily debated, and some may be offended. Reader’s discretion is advised. Hello, and welcome to another Benaball blog post. Sit back, get some snacks. This will be…


    Let me guess, you gaze at benaball.com for hours on end???

    I attempt world takeovers, but of course they are only small ones at the moment… *evil laugh*………

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