New Features! Let me explain.


Aloha! . . . oh wow, that’s how you spell it? I thought that the spell checker was going to throw a fitzy at me . . . oh, there we go, “fitzy” is underlined in a blood red wiggly line, oh technology, you’d be a beech.

Okay, onto business! I’m here to tell you about a few new things that I’ve added/fixed with the site, this is the reason it was offline a few times . . . I ran into a spot of bother here and there . . . Here’s a little list of the things I’ve added:


 New link checker thing! It plays YouTube videos from links on posts, and even allows you to search a term by highlighting it, handy dandy! It allows you to stay nice and comfy on this site while you access further content. New Forum! This new forum no longer has the stupid glitches when posting topics or replies, the only downside is that it’s no longer integrated with the groups… But it works! New Point System! You can earn points by visiting the site, commenting on things, writing blog posts, these points can then be used in the store to purchase stuff! New Group Wiki! Now creating a group on is even better, start a group with friends and all work on a project or book. You can all modify it and add to it, similar to Wikipedia.
 New Report button! Is there a nasty spamming mongrel trying to sell stuff? Or a rude arrogant mongrel that obviously came across this site by mistake and is picking on you? You can now visit their profile and report them using the “Report User” button!  Random posts widget! Come on, let’s relive some of our awesome content from the past. The random post widget found somewhere in the sidebar, shows off a selection of posts from the site at random.  Resources button! Up along the top bar that hovers with you, you will find the “Resources” button, this takes you to the Author Resources area, where you can read how-to’s . . . the page itself needs to be updated . . .  Auto-direct! When you log in you are now taken straight to where you wanna be, your profile. So have fun?

There are other minor little tweaks and bits around the place. But apart from that, if you’re interested, I’ve stuck the main new features into this video here:

New Features – September


There’s another feature right in front of your eyes! See it?

There’s a small video icon next to the link above, hover your mouse over it and you get to play the video! Tadaa!


The point system is going to need a few tweaks, I obviously won’t be selling the NeWs! Tshirts in the store for points because I’d lose far too much money, and I’d end up selling my cardboard box to survive.


Things that you’ll be able to purchase is stuff like upgrades, pictures, games, music.

Legal of course, I’m not posting other people’s games or music, it’ll all be my own, or other members work.


Well thanks for reading and enjoy the new features!



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