Combat Arms – Review

Sporting a registered player count of over 5 million, Combat Arms is a free tactical online First Person Shooter by the company Nexon. Renowned for producing one of the world’s first graphic MMORPGs, Nexon gets its money by offering these free multiplayer games, with payable upgrades, there are always new items being added to the game along with a plentiful supply of updates.

The graphics are nothing to be sneered at either! There are numerous game play modes available, and the 5 million registered users guarantees you a game. Another thing to be noted is the servers, quite a few of them too! Best thing is I haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever, this definitely makes the game play a lot more fun.

2 kills in a row?! Go newbie me!
Now although this game is really quite addictive, there are a lot of aspects that could easily encourage you to just uninstall it and start playing WarSow or Alien Arena.The first problem, is there is absolutely no offline play at all, unless the game is cradled in the arms of an internet connection, you’re not going to have any shooting fun at all, the second problem is you can’t run the game from the start menu, in order to play the game you have to create an account at Nexon’s website and press a giant red “Play” button on the main page. This then taps into your computer and runs Combat Arms, which really sucks!

The hideous start up process
Finally, the last problem, is with the time it takes from pressing the play button, to finally getting into the game, and playing a match. Nexon releases ludicrous amounts of updates, while this can be good, it really spoils your itchy trigger finger mood watching this screen waiting up to an hour as updates stream through and install.

Just standing still in a match, as you do.
Overall it really is a great game once you’re in and playing, but the fact that it practically takes days to open the game really ruins it for me. I can’t jump in and start playing right away like I can in a game like Cube.Going onto the website, logging in, pressing the play button, waiting while the browser tries to access the game on your computer, waiting for the updates to download and install, waiting for the included cheat protection engine to turn on . . . it’s just too much hassle.


[review pros=”Great gameplay, always players online, neat game modes and no lagging” cons =”People that pay money have a better advantage, incredibly slow start-up time, too many updates downloading all the time, you can’t run the game from the start menu, no offline gameplay, item store sucks” score=65]


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    There actually is a way to start it without having to go through the website, but it’s a bit difficult to describe it without having a computer in front of me to go through the process at the same time, I’ll have to tell you when I’m in front if my computer :p

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