A Random Story About a Pea.

This story is about a pea that grew up in a pod.

A green one he was, by the name of Michael.

His pod was home to 3 other peas- Daniel, Jace and Corey-  and the pod grew in a field somewhere in the country.

From a tiny pea to a large pea, he grew for several weeks with his buddies beside him.

Then, it all changed in an instant.

He felt the pod get yanked off the plant it was attached to, and light poured into his home.

He was separated from his pod and thrown into a container, filled with many other peas, all from different pods.

Where was he? Where were his pod-mates? He looked and he found 2 of them, but Jace was gone.

He couldn’t get to the other two, the noise was horrific. Who did this?

The humans. Their tractors rumbled through the field, and the container he was in was thrown into one of them.

He was laying there for several minutes, then was put into an even bigger container and put in a truck. All was dark……


The next thing he knew, he was being taken out of the truck, and snap-frozen. He couldn’t move, but he could see.

He saw massive machines, hundreds of peas being put into packets a hundred times the size he was.

Daniel and Corey were no where to be seen. They were possibly in packets of their own, already in boxes destined for the supermarket.

He was put into a packet, and he passed out.


He woke, the atmosphere cold around him. He still couldn’t move. Still frozen, in a freezer.

He felt movement. The packet was taken out of the freezer, into a trolley of a lady named Jane.


Back into a freezer again. No sound from the peas around him. It was dark.

He sat there for hours, wondering, wondering what would happen to him.


Light was around him. He hadn’t known he had fallen asleep. He wished he still was.

Heat. Heat was everywhere. The sizzling of fry-pans was loud. What was going to happen??

He was jerked side ways. Out of the packet, and into a pot of boiling water. Ouch.

All he heard was screaming. He realised with a start that one of the voices belonged to Corey, his former pod-mate.

All he felt was the burn from the water. His very inside was over-heating. Michael wished it would stop.

It did. Luckily, Jane liked her peas cooked only for a short time.


He was bruised when he hit the plate. He was still burning. He smelt the odours of other dead veggies, and animals.

Pepper was put onto him. The poor guys had their insides crushed. YUCK.

He saw Corey get stabbed with a metal object. Then he was gone, and Micheal looked up.

Humans. They were eating them.

He was scooped onto the object, a fork. He saw the human’s mouth coming toward him.

He wished with a tear in his eye for the safe pod that used to be his home. It was too late, as his life was about to end.

He screamed.

It’s Time for Change

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