The Hidden Facts of Everyday Objects


How is everyone? With 2012 now in action, we are discovering what challenges lie ahead, what things we want to accomplish etc. I mean, it’s all in a day’s work right?

Anyway, the point of this post was to point out some peculiar things that happen everyday, yet we seem to not notice them due to the fact it occurs with inanimate objects…

For example, have you ever put a wire coat hanger in a wardrobe, then come back six months later and found a whole lot of them? Waited another 6 months and found a full wardrobe with coat hangers all over the floor,  the coat hangers being bent, broken, intertwined etc? No one ever sees how they multiply, how they manage to accomplish such feats…

Yep, believe or not, they have sex life.

You may now be wondering why the heck I am writing about this, are you not?

It is a serious issue, it happens everywhere and not just with coat hangers either. Ping-pong balls are another one. Each ping-pong ball has a colour on it somewhere, and each colour is part of the light spectrum (or the rainbow). The balls with a warm colour (red, orange, yellow) are the females, while the balls with a cool colour (blue, indigo, violet) are the males, bearing in mind that green is neutral.

Get 2 packets of ping-pong balls, one packet containing a warm colour and the other a cool colour. Open them and put them in a cupboard, making sure all the balls are in their correct packets. Come back a few weeks later, and there will be a ball missing from each packet, after which you usually find a few ping-pong balls more in the house than you actually started with…

Put one male and one female in an empty box together, and you guessed it, a full box after 6 months. As usual, it is known to happen everyday but we just don’t know how it happens…

There are continued investigations by residents that have noticed this happen with coat hangers, and people that play ping-pong have also started investigations… Just remember though, this has been happening for many years, but has only been investigated in the last decade.

On that note, I shall depart. Keep your eyes open everyone, and maybe we can learn more about this issue!

Bye for now,


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    Ive noticed the coathanger thing… but i think thats just cuz you use clothes and then when you wash them you hang them on the hangers form the laundry instead of the ones in the cupboard. (well i do atleast) and as for the ping-pong balls… well im not so sure the cold ones have sex with the warm ones. But good luck to them. lol 😀

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