2012 in 2012 seconds

Well, it’s nearly 2012.

The year that has it’s hyped up apocalyptic ending, it’s world of change, the year that everything is happening. 2012 is apparently going to be the biggest year in terms of technical advancement, but also the year of global reset and financial strain. “It’s going to be a difficult year,” the politicians say, “businesses are going to have to try harder to stay alive.”

Already it’s not sounding great, and there’s only 2012 seconds left of 2011, (but now there’s far less, I don’t write posts in milliseconds.)

There’s all these people standing upon the social networking clouds, shouting down their feelings as the last moments tick by, “What’s your New Year Resolution?” , “Glad this year is over.” , “Bring on 2012.”  However, I’m not sure I follow this feeling of excitement, and as for a New Year Resolution? Another promise to try to keep with myself which I’ll end up forgetting after the hype of the new digits calm down.

To think that a year is just a name that we’ve slapped onto the Earthly rotation around the sun. Which doesn’t add up when you look at the time . . . because if that’s the case, it may already be 2012 technically, it may already be that the Earth has made its full rotation already, because we base days on the light, and the years on our position in the galaxy, they don’t match up.

But as much as I’d like to complain about my off-topic confusion, I have to question myself…

For right now I sound like an absolute full-blown nutcase, just reading back on my post I feel like it’s just a measly reason for me to say, “See, I was there the moment the year ticked 2012.”  I can feel my uncertainty, I want this new year, but I don’t want it, both forces crave but hate equally.

I don’t want this year to end.

Because I know, just like every year before, we’ll all change again.

We’ll all act differently, feel differently. Now that the hierarchy has shifted it’ll be a realignment of character, and as much as this intrigues me to see who we’ll become, what we’ll all act like. It makes me question if I am the same person each year, or if I’m simply a new person trying fill in, the acting replacement.


Thanks for reading this short piece, obviously my brain is degrading due to the oncoming turmoil of 2012 . . . may just be the lack of sleep.


Until next year.




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    Well Ben, happy new year!
    Guess your final post of 2011 was really a lot of fact and opinion thrown together! 😀
    But now, we have begun the waiting game… December 21 here we come 😛

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