Greetings fellow being,

It’s been yet again another procrastination Sunday.  Not too long ago I was debating about making a YouTube series where I play games… I know, exciting yes?  There’s definitely not a shortage of gaming videos on YouTube as it is, but I figure that this channel will give me an excuse to actually relax.  Normally I cut these entertaining things out of my life because I can’t justify using precious time on something that’s not productive.

Today I created the YouTube channel ‘Intelligic‘ which is where I’ll be making gaming videos. (It was only after I came up with this ‘brilliant’ name that I found out it shared similarities with an electronic cigarette manufacturer’s name ‘Intellicig’) I would have done it sooner, but I was hoping to just have one channel and upload everything to that channel alone, keep everything in the one place.  But instead it looks like I’ll be making separate channels… perhaps even a separate channel for vlogging.

Definitely not what I had planned on doing, but perhaps it’s the way I should be heading.

I hate Sundays, Friday afternoons are good, Saturdays are bloody fantastic.  Sundays are pure evil, they seem to go WAY too fast, and the list of things you had planned on doing is left untouched.  Very depressing.

Right, I’m off.  Burning DVDs to tick off one of my To-Do’s.


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